Saturday, December 19, 2009

This was mine ...

Attn:  Billing Dept, Executive Department , President Ebay North America
Re : seller account sperry_wvu
Chat Session Number:  20866560

To Whom It May Concern,

I am appalled to hear that Ebay is not honoring their promise to waive all fees for a charity auction benefiting a little boy named Jaden Duttine.  Jaden is two years old and is sick with stage 4  cancer.    It would behoove Ebay's image to approve the reversal of all fees on this sellers account as promised and documented.   This  family is in dire need of the $453.70 in fees that Ebay might possibly take out of their pocket.

Further to the above, I have been an eBay shopper for a number of years. While I certainly understand that you (as a company) are not running a charity, and that there are fees incurred when selling using your service, this matter is completely different. This seller was assured these fees would be waived. The auction would never have occured on your site otherwise.

The negative press you stand to garner due to such a heartless decision will outweigh your meager $453.70 ten fold. Shame on you. I for one, will never darken your door again should you neglect to rethink your position in this matter.

On one final note, the seller in question is a blog writer - with a huge following. You, of all people should be well aware of the power the internet holds. I should expect your email inboxes will be flooded with similar sentiments - post haste.

In the spirit of the holidays, eBay should not only waive these fees, but as a symbol of their sincere apology for causing so much anxiety to this group of wonderful people - also make a contribution of their own to Jaden's cause. I feel certain most of you are in fact family people - do unto others.


(Danica Dragonfly)
Nova Scotia, Canada

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brite said...

You are awesome Dani dear! Great work, written as only a master of 'bureauspeak' could do. Want to write a few on my behalf to the Swiss bureaucratpowersthatbe?