Monday, November 12, 2012

I Got New Kitties

Kijiji cats, as my close girlfriend calls my fur babies. For those of you who are unaware, Kijiji is a buy and sell site ... like Craigslist.

My kitties are boyz. Bad. Kitty. Boyz.


My kitties open cupboard doors and jump from shelf to shelf in search of the bag of kitty treats. Once the shelf is located, one bumps the bag onto the floor - while the other waits below to whisk it away to the nearest un-peopled closet ... where they meet up and obliterate the bag. I kid you not. I am CONSTANTLY finding shredded (empty) treat bags all over my house. 

Diesel & Woody

Baaad kitties.

Deez ... yes, he knocked it down first

They are my favorite kind.

For anybody keeping count, I am up to four cats, a fish and a dog. Well ... I was. See, back when my mother moved from my house back into her in-law suite, her cat decided she'd really rather stay here. Suited her fancy better. Mom tried repeatedly to convince Tomato to come back ... to no avail. She had chosen our house, our food, our litter box and Hubs was her new person.

Fast forward to the entry of the new kitties, Diesel and Moe. We had introduced Tomato to Woody two years ago. That was rocky at the beginning, but they worked it out - even became buddies after a time. It was a nice balance. Then, kitty-momma got all stupid in the head and thought it would be fun to add two more mouths to feed to the mix. Tomato is done with me.

Seriously, the cat has moved out. We are dead to her. She will come and sit at my door, meowing her head off ... and when we go to let her in, she turns her tail and waltzes over to Mom's door. SO WE CAN LET HER IN THERE!!! Can you believe this cat?


This is her majesty... and essentially how she feels about the hooligan cats that have invaded her old home. {This was actually the extent of damage we suffered from "Super-storm Sandy" (thank heaven). She blew our witch down.}

My boyfriend, Deez. 

Now that you are familiar with the new members of the family, let the funny bad-boy-kitty stories commence.


Sheldor is Back On Line

Have I mentioned my abject love for the show "The Big Bang Theory"? Oh ... yeah I likely have. 

So ... I have been AFK (away from keyboard) for the past several months. I took my blog down - namely because I was afraid that my ex-boss had infiltrated my page. My concern over this was (surprisingly) about his feelings, rather than my own skin. I know that if he read some of the things I had posted, it would hurt him. I have re-opened it... I will note that there are a number of exclusions to previous posts. You'll have to wait for the book to read those again.

During the process of 'censoring'  my own work, I have realized a couple of things: I am the most funny when I am the most negative. There is a great deal of 'negative-funny' in my pages. I am afraid that if I ever manage to unlock my positive, I might lose an integral part of my personality. 

This is a risk I need to take, though. I need to grow as a person. The time is now.

I am feeling pretty creative these days. Hubs and I are building a doll house for Shorty. I am in furniture design mode (though I have ordered much of the furniture from ebay). I want to decorate a mega-girly bedroom suite for her barbies. Fluffy bed, feathers, gorgeous window coverings ... PINK fur bedspread. It is going to be gorgeous! We have the materials for the structure of the house, itself and I am going to measure and draw out the cuts tomorrow - when the little darlings are at school. It isn't complicated to put together once the cuts are made. Really, it's only the windows and doors that will present a major challenge. I plan to snap some pics as we go. It is going to measure 4 feet high, by three wide. It's BIG. She is going to pee her pants.

We are also working on an art desk for Stretch. She's not the doll type. I'm going to ensure there are lots of cubbies and loads of stuff under the tree to put into them. I will have pics of this as well. A lot to do, but I have the time. This Christmas will be about the really special things we can create for each other.

I have been collecting stuff of the kids' since they were born. My plan was to make scrap books (complete with photos) for the girls for gifts this year, but I think what I may do instead is compile all the 'stuff' in two separate packages - with all the supplies needed to make one ... and then put them together WITH the girls over the Christmas break. I will be home, they will be home and it will be even more special that way, I think.

I would NEVER have considered this before I left my job. My head was far too cluttered with toxic waste to be patient enough to not only DO something like this, but actually enjoy it, too. This is good.

My plan is to write again. I have been hatching a few stories. It is so good for me to have this stuff to look back on. Really it is. I miss the purge that happens when I write. I think I have passed a milestone finally and I believe I am ready to get on with my life.

I guess we'll have to wait and see on that one.

So toodles for now ... I hope to be chatting more soon.

DD - out