Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moving on...

Okay, so it is fairly obvious I was pretty tired when I wrote my last post. It has been corrected ... not that it really matters, but y'know.

Unfortunately, nobody got any video footage of the 'spectacle' ... sorry to disappoint. I don't really know why - everyone was texting everyone from different points of view ... odd. Apparently, Skankala's little 'buddy' was praple. As to her level of hot-ness ... unless someone actually set her on fire, I would say it was non existent. Let's just say she could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence ... and leave it at that - shall we?

Moving on ...

I am in a rather strange mood today. Looking around at a few of my blog-buds, I notice that holiday depression is rearing its ugly-ass head. In honor of that, I think I will attempt a holiday edition of TYVM Thursday today. And with that, I give you:

A special holiday inspired edition of Thank You Very Much Thursday!!

TYVM Narci, for the lovely gift you bestowed upon me as is customary at our annual Christmas party ... oh ... wait ... scratch that - fuck you very much Narci, for NOT giving out gifts this year *blows raspberry in Narci's general direction*

TYVM pretentious pub where our shin-dig was held, for having my liver in your thoughts as you shamelessly watered down my only solice for the evening ... in doing so, however - you encouraged me to simply try harder ... and I rose to the challenge.

TYVM eBay seller, for sending me a dress that looks fat!!! 'Cause I KNOW it is not ME!!

TYVM Stretch, for stating (rather matter-of-factly, I might add) that Mommy's "going to get a ROCK in your stocking if you keep yelling at your kids this way!!!" Yeah - true story. Little shit ... if only she knew how close I was to telling her the truth in that moment ... Mmmmhmm

TYVM Shorty, for packing a bag during last night's snow storm and proceeding to 'move out' ... only to take one look out the door and re-think your position. That was worth a laugh and a half.

TYVM hubs' car, for up and croaking. Me to car: U R NOT a FROG!!! sigh

TYVM stupid effing military party, for being on the same night as the highly cool, away over night, with free liquor party ... thus taking my bud, Eyvi away ... sigh

TYVM tank of furnace oil ... for being empty - AGAIN!!

TYVM Stretch's Sparks leader, Butterfly - for planning the Sparks' Christmas party for the same night as the school's concert for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW. Grrr.

and finally ...

TYVM person that invented the 'gift bag' .... seriously! I adore this little invention. Easier to wrap ... easier to open, recyclable ... it is a marvel ... I tells ye!!

And so ... wrapping another edition of TYVMT, I bid you adieu (and yes, I DO know the dif between ADO and ADIEU ... I just forget sometimes when I am in a writing frenzy ... UMKAY??)




brite said...

TYVM for making me smile every time you post!

The Real Me said...

TYVM for Introducing me to TYVM- an acronym I'm sure to use and hear again...

Oh, and for letting me read that its not just me feeling that the shit storm is upon us.

Here I thought I was just bitchy, but really, 'tis the season! Now I can go home and say "see honey, its not just me"

Look at you! Spreading the joy! You didn't even know!

The Management said...

TYVM Thursday for being Monday and a righteous prick.

Amethyst Anne said...

TYVM, for TYVM and for giving a shout out to the gift bag! They are highly under used and under appreciated. Much like its counterpart, the decorated box.

Xtreme said...

TYVM Dani, for making me laugh my ass off with you TYVM schtick.

And I second the gift bag. Being the incredibly eco-conscious-green-loving-vegan-tree-hugger that I am, the gift bag is a God send.

Who the fuck am I trying to kid? I hate trees. I'm just lazy.

Eyvi Sprite said...

I love your TYVM Thursdays.

I'm sorry we have to go to the Military party this year. I would much rather be attending this party instead. I mean, we have to pay for our booze tonight! Something about the taxpayers not appreciating the entire Armed Forces getting drunk on their dime. I say it boosts moral. Who's with me?

Anyhoo, Have a good time!