Monday, May 10, 2010

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

I just realized I did not actually write a post for my Mom. I am a seriously bad daughter. I mean, I brought her some pretty posies and lovely cards and such ... and I fed her (which I do most days anyway, so not really that special) but I didn't give her the gift of my heart on paper. (In my defense, I was terribly busy scanning old pics into my FB account in a futile attempt to make me feel good about myself ... EPIC FAIL)

Bad daughter!

Thank you to Fabuleslie over at Give Me Paws for the post she wrote about her mother. It made me cry. Then, it kicked me in my ass, 'cause I realized I had printed a bunch of drivel that came from sappy email forwards and neglected the single most influential person in my life. 

Bad daughter!

So, in typical form - I give you my Mom: CC ... a day late and a dollar short.

Thank you, Mom ... for always knowing just what would make 'it' better... whatever 'it' was

(Oh - she told me yesterday that I once flipped arse over kettle in my walker down these very stairs ... )
'splains a few things, no?

Thank you for all those important talks!

Actually, my mom would NEVER have said "don't fuck" ... she would have said ~ wait, until he's worth it... and for GAWD's sake - do NOT come home knocked up!

Thank you for your gift of voice, especially the singing part.

Remember when we were going to go out on the road as "The Dudds"?

Thank you for my sense of humor ...

Like it or not, the twistiest parts came from you.

Thank you for teaching me the finer points of parenting.

...and for always signing my birthday cards "Love, Mommy Dearest"

Thank you, Mom - for always being there for me. Always. There. Even now. There.
snort ... a little 'adult daughter who shares house with teen-aged mother' humor.

This is my Mom. (Holding my baby cousin) Isn't she pretty? This was taken a few years ago (yeah - like 11) Still ... 

This is (from L-R) My cousin (Vinny), her mom (Aunti D), Mom and me...
why, yes ... we are all a little touched ~ why you ask?

Seriously though - for just a moment, if I had to sum my mom up into one word, it would be endurance ... and friend ... oh, oh and generous of spirit ... and fun ... and beautiful oh, yeah and there - did I mention there?  (Oh - you're surprised? Do I ever follow any directions, rules or otherwise do as I'm told?)

Mom ~ thank you for putting up with all the screwed up, frenetic, and crazy... and for teaching me to laugh.

I love you,

Daughter #1


Amethyst Anne said...

Better late than never so this indeed does not make you a bad daughter.
This made me laugh and cry too, you are very lucky to have your Mom so close. I miss mine terribly..well some days.. HA!

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

What an endearing sentiment and what an OUTSTANDING person she is for being a mom that is always "there". I can only imagine what an amazing sense of belonging that must promote.

Lucky are you two :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! And thanks for the bloggy love. The laughter and humor is the most important, I think.

And btw, I don't have kids of my own, so it's easier for me to instantly have that perspective. Don't be down on yourself, Dani. Thanks for all the kind words.

Spot said...

Um. I didn't do a tribute to my mother either so I guess I'm a bad daughter?? Oh well.

I loved the pictures you used to illustrate your points. Especially the "mother-daughter" talk. You should probably save that to give to your daughters in a few years.

Hope you and your mum had a fantastic day!

brite said...

Your mom is gorgeous and you are pretty adorable yourself! You are a great daughter...can I adopt you?