Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Cheer!

Whew! Survived the last weekend before the big day!! Barely

Poor Stretch came down with the stomach flu last night. It would seem she is on the mend now, though. Just spoke with Hubs and he says she's bounding back ... keeping food down & all. Just hoping the other little pimple doesn't have it for Christmas again. That would seriously suck.

Hubs and Gamma and I stayed up until after 2:30am Sunday morning wrapping pressies and drinking eggnog laced with Captain... mmmmm .... Captain.

I'm tired ... and lazy ... so I am coppin' out just a little with my Monday post. These are some funnies I have rather enjoyed ... so hopefully they will brighten your day.

I'm thinkin' that should be signed "Shorty"

This would be a Maritime Christmas Tree

THIS is why you need to PUT IT DOWN!!!

Self explanatory

Happy HalloChristeastergivingyear, Boyle




As IF - like those of us with kiddles have time on THAT eve.

Wascally Wabbit!

I guess that wraps my two cents worth for today. I hope to have the Newfoundlander's version of "The Night 'afore Christmas" for your reading enjoyment tomorrow.

Until then, keep yer stick on the ice.


Meeko Fabulous said...

Those gave me a good laugh! Thanks. I needed that today.

Xtreme said...

I likes the job evaluation day, reminds me of work. Which I won't see for another 14 days, and couldn't care less!!!!

Amethyst Anne said...

Thank you D.. for the giggles and holiday cheer!!! I tried to take a pic for you today of buddy's snowman made out of hay bales , but alas I was too busy trying to keep my ass on the road.
I especially had the biggest snort out loud on the 'rents on the couch..I concur!! I would much rather spend my Christmas eve THAT way!

The Real Me said...

Good Giggles! Happy Holidays to you!