Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Can't Freakin' Comment!!

Okay ... I'm not real happy about this, people!!! I can't comment on my bloggy buddies' posts ... and this makes me cronky. (I meant to spell it that way)

So, Admin - even though I doubt you are reading anyone else's blogs today on account of your foul humour, I tried to comment - TWICE and the bitch wouldn't let me!!! And I was FUNNY DAMMIT!!!! DAMN FUNNY!

Your loss.... nope, it's too late. I'm in a shitty now and I'm not repeating myself for a third time!

But I love you ... and your foul-ocity all up in the pants!

Spot ... I typed a short story on yours, but only the once. The long and the short of it was this (in far fewer words than the original) : Your boys need to be whipped soundly (with a set of mini lights) and sent to bed with no tenderloin for them ... in stinky jammies and last week's underoos. You spoiled 'em ... but they need a wake up call. You are their goddess ... they best start some worshipin'.

Oh and I bragged for seventeen lines about the awesomeness that is my Christmas house. But if I ever actually get it clean apres-decoration I will provide pics ... of which, you will be insanely jealous!! :)


Now then enough about me ... what do YOU think of me :) snort snort.

Hmmmm lessee now ... oh yeah! A riddle for you: What's super awesome, funny as hell, has a boss named Narci and no rent money in her hand for the SECOND month in a row?

Who said EYVI??!!!

Need a hint? How 'bout this ... I'm thinkin' about makin' her some extra sweet cupcakes ... with all the 'special' ingredients.

I'm not sure if this twit is super brave or super stupid, but I am seriously considering some bodily harm. sigh.

That's it for tonight. I had a Narci story to tell, but I am just too cranky now after my blogging mishaps to really put my back into it ... perhaps tomorrow. It's Thank you Very Much Thursday ... perhaps I can dedicate one to Narci ... hmmm.



Xtreme said...

Pssst... Dani... your comments did show up over at Stabbymart...

Mark Price said...

Wow your Bisitor really has a set of nuts on her. Hey maybe after you "work your special magic" on her you could cut those balls off her and loan them out to Narci? LOL
Tell Evyi I was just kidding when I chastised her for popping Narci's popcorn. Hey did you get your bush-lights up yet? Still laughin about that one!

Mark Price said...

Oh and your comment also showed up at Spots place!

Eyvi Sprite said...

I knew I was gonna catch shit for actually popping the popcorn. But the man was gonna put it in for 5 minutes. 5 minutes!!! He's gonna burn the god damned building down and until I find a better job, I can't have that. Plus, I'm far too nice a person. Door mat nice.

Eyvi Sprite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eyvi Sprite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eyvi Sprite said...

Please ignore the two deleted comments by me. Apparently, I am useless today.

JJ said...

C'mon, give us the Narci story! I need a laugh.

Amethyst Anne said...

I have the let Eyvi put the popcorn on for Bisitor then when she is distracted by the faux butter smell- you guys roll her butt out the door..