Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frustration - TYVMT Style

I am so frustrated right now ... right this very minute, I could cry ... scream ... AND ... wet my pants!

I thought today might be a good day to dust off "Thank You Very Much Thursday" again and give 'er a whirl.

Without further ado ...

TYVM, "unnamed bank" Broker Services Division - for fucking over this lovely young (newly) single mother of two in the purchase of her first new home on her own ... your complete and absolute disregard for the three lives you were directly affecting (never mind my own part in this) in such a profound way and your callous and heartless attitude toward this situation turns my blood to ice in my veins. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your collective nether regions and prosper.

TYVM, Narci - for informing me (when I requested your assistance with the previously mentioned client's file) that I "could handle it" and that I was becoming too emotionally vested in the situation. PUH!! Says I. Let's see this deal get up, walk down the road and get written by another broker and see how "emotionally vested" YOU become ... since I live in mortal fear of every mortgage I can't get done for whatever the reason. May your narcissism and greed someday teach you about karma. 

TYVM, Regional Mgr for "unnamed bank" Broker Services Division ...aka "Teflon Don" ('cause shit don't stick to his fur) - for not only informing me to "shut my face", but that you were "golfing tomorrow" and  didn't want to have to "deal with this shit" - and further, you were "sick to death of this shitty deal" and "wanted it out of (your) face" after flatly ignoring me for the past two and a half weeks until I brought another big gun in to speak for my side ... at that point, accusing me of "dragging an awful lot of people into (my) problems". May you one day suddenly develop elephantiasis of your (currently non existent) boy bits, causing you to fall forward into the toilet bowl mid flush - thus ridding the world of a loathsome scourge... you pencil dick, ass kissing, useless puddle of prehistoric mammoth gizz.  

TYVM, Realtors and lawyers offices - for not only grabbing a cheek and lodging yourselves into  my arse hole, but also for setting up housekeeping. It's been real.

and finally ...

TYVM, ungrateful client (not associated with the client noted above) - for telling me your shit was in order (falsely) and then freaking out on my head because now your closing has been delayed ... 

You are all invited to BITE ME ... except for the realtors and law office staff ...

Ahhh ... I feel slightly better now.


D - out

Thursday, August 19, 2010



I'm having a bad combo of blogger-block and business ... blogockiness... okay ... and a little sick humor sprinkled on top.

I've been busy at stupid work ... and besides that, involved in something that I am not really ready to talk about on my blog at this point. Suffice it to say, if it is successful, you'll hear about it, and if I fall on my face ... well ... you'll get to listen to me bitching about it for a few months before I run outta fodder and have to move on to something else. (Arn'tcha excited?!)

Life has been hectic in a mundane and (ew - ready for a $5 word??) pedestrian sort of way. Each day starts and ends in precisely the same manner as its predecessor - with filling as similar as Boston cream and vanilla pudding. Don't get me wrong ... this is not meant as a complaint ... I'm okay without the drama. It has been my experience that wishing for excitement is tantamount to wishing for drama ... and we all know what happens then.

Nope - I'm all good.

Just have nothing very interesting ... or even really worth the effort of typing to share (WOW! You know you have reached a new low in laziness when you are too lazy to type). 

I have been having a rough time keeping up with everyone for a bit. I am sorry about that, I tend to miss you guys quite a bit. I got through a bunch today, but still have some of my fav's to read. 

I hope that as my little side project takes shape, I'll be inspired to share what's been going on. In the meantime, I hope everyone is well and I look forward to getting my groove back on.

Until then,


Monday, August 9, 2010

I is Back

It's been a busy first day back ... and the day is drawing to a close, but I wanted to pop in and say helloooo ... 


I've been around to a few blogs and even commented on a couple, but I haven't had the kinda time I need to really read up on all my bleeps and their respective lives ... nope ... no time at all during my VACATION.

Thankfully, I am now back to work and have all sorts of free time to play with my imaginary friends. 

BAH!!! ... and you people wonder why I have such a poopy boss.