Saturday, December 19, 2009

Help Jaden - Fight eBay

Admittedly, I do not normally involve myself in many 'on-line causes'. This one is different. There is a 2 year old boy with stage 4 brain cancer that is fighting the fight of survival and attempting to kick cancer in its ass. The story is beyond heart breaking ... bordering on unfathomable for me as a mother to process. Should you have an interest in more information on his story, you can click here.

The reason for this post in particular is because the black soul-ed corporate machine that is eBay has reneged on the agreement it had with a fine lady by the name-o-Supah who whole heartedly threw herself (along with anyone she could carry, drag, guilt or push) into organizing and running an auction for this fine little man. eBay agreed to waive the fees. She has many 'chats' from three different eBay staff assuring her they would not charge the fees for this charity event. Supah would not have done it thru them otherwise... she has like a zillion followers all on her own ... and likely could have pulled it off on her own page.

eBay needs to waive these fees. End of story. Without enormous public outcry - that is unlikely to happen. We are talking about less than $500.00 here people. eBay will survive without it ... the Duttines on the other hand need every penny they can manage to help their son fight this ruthless disease.

I do not normally ask my readers to 'do' stuff other than entertain me :) with their comments ... and fluff up my ego ... and tell me I'm fabulous ... and make me feel better when I am feeling blue ... and ... oh hell - don't do it for me. Do it because most of you are parents and you are all human. This one little battle is something we can win for Jaden.

Should you be so kind as to sit your buns on this band wagon ... I would consider it a personal favor and your already lofty place in my heart would be eternal.

I have included all of Supah's instructions. You don't even have to write your own letter (though I am hoping some of you will - I'm lookin' at you Admin and Xtreme. We need some rage to come through to these unconscionable money whores.) you can simply copy and paste your way to super-stardom in Dani's heart.

Please throw your two cents into the ring.

Jaden's Aution

Here's what I need you to do.

 I NEED help broadcasting this story EVERYWHERE.  I am not waiting to be told NO... 2 weeks from now.   I want everyone to PUSH for these fees to be waived.

1.  PUT THIS STORY  ON YOUR BLOG- link it to this page please!  Here's the tiny url.

2.  TWITTER ABOUT IT- link it to this page.

3.  FACEBOOK ABOUT IT- link it to this page.

1.  email  ( here is a suggestion letter)    please include  ALL  emails i have listed below

a.  the first is just basic help
b.  the second is executive  department

Attn:  Billing Dept, Executive Department , President Ebay North America
Re : seller account sperry_wvu
Chat Session Number:  20866560

To Whom It May Concern,

I am appalled to hear that Ebay is not honoring their promise to waive all fees for a charity auction benefiting a little boy named Jaden Duttine.  Jaden is two years old and is sick with stage 4  cancer.    It would behoove Ebay's image to approve the reversal of all fees on this sellers account as promised and documented.   This  family is in dire need of the $453.70 in fees that Ebay might possibly take out of their pocket.

( your name)
2.  WRITE A LETTER if you prefer.

Jeffrey D. Jordan
President Ebay INC.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

Re : seller account sperry_wvu
Chat Session Number:  20866560

Call:  The numbers are real.

President North America
Bill Cobb
( Receptionist)   801- 545 - 2276

Hani Durzy Media Relations Ebay

408-376 7458
Re : seller account sperry_wvu
Chat Session Number:  20866560

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I will be tweeting HOW TO HELP via twitter ASAP.

These are news media organizations :  you can RETWEET to.

NBC  @nbcnews
CBS news  @cbsnews
Fox News @foxnews (stats)
Abc NEWS:  @abc
I have contacted ALL media news outlets and will continue to . 
I need your help please.  Thank you !

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