Sunday, October 25, 2009

Award Number 2 ... Kreativ Blogger

Alrighty-roo ... this is the second award I snagged for myself - again, thanks Spot. You'll make my head get fat.

For this one, I am supposed to tell you stuff about myself that you don't already know. (You have to do this too if you are tagged as my "awardee's") :

1) I still love my hubby's ass. Even after all these years and all the things I know about it and what it is capable of ... it still butters my muffin.

2) I do not like tomatoes. I have tried. I just can't do it. It's too much like eating an eyeball. Even salsa (which I love) must be run through a blender first or I can not eat it.

3) I have a serious aversion to eyes. Seriously - do NOT rub yer fricken eyeballs in my presense. Ask Eyvi, she's really bad for that.

4) I quit highschool at the age of 17 (beginning of grade 11). I never went back. Got my grade 12 via correspondance when I was 22. (In case you are curious, I flipped my bicky and wound up so chronically agoraphobic, I couldn't leave my house for 6 months, and even after that - it's been a long road back to sane .... I'll let you know if I ever make it there)

5) I have an unusual attachment to the ocean. I disappear when near it... I think I was possibly a whale or turtle or maybe a stingray in a previous life. I wanted (more than anything) to be a marine biologist when I was a kid ... and a teen ... and even as an adult. I am fascinated whenever anything ocean related is avaiable to be watched or read.

6) I LOVE to sing. Even used to write music at one time. I could play flute, piccalo, sax, clarinet and oboe as a teen. Still have my flute, but haven't picked it up in years. There was a time in my life that I was even part of the Canadian Conservatory in their vocal program ... alas, as with most things in my little world - I found some reason not to follow my bliss. I was a strong vocalist. My voice has lost it's strength and the muscles required to sing with any sort of power are out of shape ... boy, sounds like the rest of my muscles... the closest voice I can compare mine to would be Steve Perry from Journey. I used to be able to sing Journey so well even my ego-maniacle ex boyfriend couldn't believe how good it was. (Of course his opinion is a valid measure of my worth ... where is that damned sarcasm font???)  My Mom and I sang a duet that Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion did once and knocked the socks off our little audience. Unfortunately I had to be Celine :(.

7) I am an incredibly spiritual person - but I detest any sort of organized religion. I really do believe in a higher (as well as a lower) power. I need to in order to continue with this madness.

8) I have become a very unhappy person. I really hate that... and you ... and everybody else ... kidding. Seriously - I am not a happy person and I really should be. Other than money and a boss I don't want to castrate with a splintery wooden spoon ... I have nearly everything I ever wanted ... except perhaps fitting into a size 6 (oh hell ... I'd settle for a 12 - who am I kidding???)

9) I learned to view sex as a weapon at a relatively early age. It took my hubby a long time to overcome that. I was involved in a relationship with a married couple when I was 19. They were roughly my age only slightly older. I derived an enormous sense of belonging and misplaced trust in that highly disfunctional relationship. They wound up dumping me and several years later when they split up, 'she' tracked me down and we struck up a brief relationship of our own (and yeah ... it was physical too). I found out some things that were so painful at the time, that it left some fairly deep scars on my psyche... I've not had a functioning, female friendship since, really... not an overly close one anyway. That coupled with an event from my childhood and an ex boyfriend who sexually flogged me for five years ... I had trouble combining love and sex for a really long time. Remember this tale if ever you are trying to talk your wife into a threesome guys ...

10) I am a wannabe super mom. I'm REALLY not one ... but I truly want to be one.

There you have it ... 10 things you likely didn't (need to) know about me.

My nominations for this award are:

Eyvi Sprite 
'cause you are talented and without you, I'd have never done this bloggy thang.
Cindy D (whose blog is not open to public viewing)
'cause you are a tremendous person and your talent makes me insanely jealous.
Meeko Fabulous
'cause you are a friggen scream and you deserve another nod.

Here's yer award ...


Mark Price said...

Danica, I wouldve never known. I will consciously avoid any eyeball touching in your presence. I too recieved this honor? from Spot but wanted you to go first. Now I can do mine I guess. You're awesome and you make me laugh a lot sometimes. Congratulations on this award!

Spot said...

Ah Danica I love you. Not in a weird dysfunctional way (I promise), more like the way I love my extra kids. I think you were tremendously brave in your offerings. And of course that's part of the way we put things behind us is by voicing them.

I'm also tremedously jealous of your singing voice. I sing all the time and no one screams at me to shut up, but they don't applaud either. I'm just average.


Meeko Fabulous said...

OMG! Thanks so much! This totally made my day! I promise I will get to my portion of it as soon as I have a moment at home. :)