Monday, September 14, 2009

Why Dragonfly?

It would seem I have some sort of weird fixation on insects. My kids' nicknames are "Bug" and "Bee". As a pair, I refer to them as "Ladybugs", had we further expanded our brood with a third daughter, I'd have named her Kate and she'd have been my "Katydid"... and then there is my moniker. I love dragonflies. I always have. I'm not a huge fan of bugs, in fact I am quite irrational at the sight of a spider ... or an earwig. *shudder*  It's a strange co-inky-dink that these are my nicknames of choice.
I want a pond ... I will have one, but I have to wait until my shorties are better around the water - we are highly cautious about standing water. I want a big ol' pond with the clay bottom (I think it is clay) y'know the one that you can put the great big Koi in, but they are able to dig in under the clay during winter? Yeah ... and a waterfall and underwater lighting.
I'll plant water lilies the size of my head ... they attract dragon flies - which are just the best damn bug on the planet. In fact when I die, I'd like to come back as one. They are gorgeous, no one wants to kill them and they fly around having sex with each other all the time  ...  how much more could you want, really? Totally gonna be a dragonfly...
I guess it is as simple as that ... thusly, Danica Dragonfly was born :).
In case anyone else was curious.

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