Friday, September 11, 2009

Not the Gamma

My dog has adopted my mother as his doggy parent. I feed him, my husband plays with him. My kids treat him like a brother ... but it is my mother he likes best.
This drives me out of my mind ( be fair, it's really more of a putt than a drive). I know it's petty, but lets face it - petty's my thing these days.
Last night, he was having issues with his ears. We have been combating this with drops. I got up (at four o freakin' clock, I might add - because whenever anyone is itchy, sore, awake or needs to vomit - they inevitably seek me out) to get his drops out of the bathroom so I could make him better. Bear in mind, I was in the bathroom ... the place that houses the bath tub ... where heinous acts of bathing are perpetrated against puppies regularly.
Suffice is to say - he left. Without haste. 30 seconds later I can hear the little Christer pushing open the door that separates our dwellings and him slipping inside. I thought: Fine you little shit! Have itchy ears ... see if I care. But I did care ... and I couldn't get back to sleep knowing he was suffering. So - I dragged my sorry half dressed arse down the stairs, across the kitchen and into Mom's abode. I called quietly ... Coooooper ... come see mommy. I'm not gonna bath you ... come puppy, I need to fix your ears. Cooooooooooper .... come here, buddy ... mommy has a treat ... wanna treat? C'mon, buddy ... no Cooper. He had himself wedged in nearly under her bed ... not moving. Like she was going to protect him or something. At that point my options were limited. If I kept at it, I was sure to wake my mom ... so I left him. Itchy little shit that he was.
What's up with that? I would expect this kind of disrespect from the cat ... but the dog??? Aren't dogs supposed to love unconditionally? Do I need to start worrying about the fact that even my dog doesn't love me??? Sigh - I have issues.
I swear that dog refers to us as: Gamma, Not the Gamma and the two short givers of food. 


Eyvi Sprite said...

Huh, funny thing, I kinda wish my dumb dog would love someone else once in awhile.

JJ said...

Too cute! Maybe he figures you have enough people to look after so he's giving you a break!