Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bye September

Here we are ... the end of yet another month. The speed at which time passes never ceases to amaze my eye 'balls-es'. I mean, seriously people - how is it scientifically possible to drag and fly at the same time?? Hm? Should that not hold the same rule as sucking and blowing? My work days feel like months, but I get home ... say hi to my kids ... and then a few (under breath) curse words and some yelling later, they are asleep and I am not far behind them - to prepare to do it all again.

It's hard to resist getting down in the mouth with the minutia of life lately. But I am going to try.

In honour of this expedited passage of time, I started my Christmas shopping yesterday. I expect to get boos and hisses, but when you are dealing with a budget that looks like mine, you gotta spread it out. I've been stalking ebay like a serial killer. Got a couple of good buys too. I love to shop, but I detest going into stores - especially at Christmas. People become a special kind of irritating during the holidays... and given my propensity toward PDV's (public displays of violence) of late - let's just say it's better for everyone involved if I scratch the shopping itch online.

I know y'all are wondering how in hell's bells I am able to shop being as financially depressed as we have and all ...  we have FINALLY put a plan in action. By "we", of course, I mean "me" ... My Mom has moved into the main house  (though continuing to make her contribution) and I have rented out her apartment to a young couple that is moving in this coming weekend. I have gotten plenty of help with the work involved in this move - don't mean to make it sound as though I don't. My hubby has been working like a slave for the past 4 days straight. Mom's been pretty busy too. I am still suffering the effects of this past weekend as the level of upheaval that has resulted due to this move is mind numbing.

I put her up in our bedroom and gave her the room next door to it too. (There are four upstairs and my girls currently share a room) Now, she has a bedroom as well as a TV room. This is a good thing. I am pleased with the outcome - BUT ... the work ... whew! I lost four closets with this little stroke of brilliance on my part. (We also cleared out of the upstairs bath) So hubby and I moved down to the main level into the actual 'master bedroom' for the house. It is MUCH smaller than the room we gave up - but who cares. I just need some peace in my house. Plus - there is the bonus of the fact that the kids are gong to go crawl into her bed first :) cool.

So - there is some income being generated now. This is a good thing, no? We are surely not on easy street, but just having the decisions made is HUGE!! The rest of this mess will meet a resolution tomorrow and we can finally start to get past it ... I hope. Please please please ... a little smooth sailing for a while ...

Note -> you know this is the part of the cartoon where the anvil falls on my head, right??

I guess that sums up as much happy as I can stand for today. I have two ideas brewing in that cesspool I call a mind. I think I'll nurture them a little :)

Happy No Whining Wednesday - I think I did it ... kinda???



The Management said...

PDV is now going into my daily lexicon. Brilliant. I also admire your ability to have your mother live with you. I have made it quite plain that neither my MIL (because she's insane and ignorant) or my own mother (because she's to much like me and there would be a war) will ever live with us period.

I hope things start to turn around.

Spot said...

Awww shit! It's "No Whining Wednesday"??! I did not get that memo. Crap. Oh well. Next week, another try, right? Lol. I don't think my blog was whiny either...?

Hope everything goes well with the move. And that the extra income is helpful. And total congrats on starting the shopping! I've actually done a bit as well. Although alot of this xmas is going to be homemade stuff as the budget is practically nonexistent. =]


JJ said...

Kudos to you for making some difficult decisions and moving things along. I hope it helps.

As far as the Christmas shopping goes, no hisses or boos here - I started three months ago!

Mark Price said...

No whining Wednesday? hmm, my tongue really hurts though.Hey,it Sounds like you are making positive steps towards turning the budget crisis around! Hang in there.