Monday, September 14, 2009

Touch Stone 3/10/2001

This is what my oldest/longest/dearest friend had to say about me in her blog ... back before I even knew what blogging was ... her talent is a life force.

Touch stone 3/10/2001

You called me last night to bitch about work. Not because I'd advise you but just because I say "uh, huh" at the proper intervals.

You've come so far.

You're so sure on your feet, many say disagreeable though. Used to pick toreadors who'd try to tame you with red flags and ire. Now you've got yourself a quiet little bullet. You two have made a nice home.

There are many people who would tolerate my hysteria but few who I can trust with it.

I trust you.

I've called you choking on the injustice. So low that I couldn't see light. You say "uh, huh" at the proper intervals and rage with me and have the exact inflection.

And never bring it up again.

Buried in the night like a body in a suitcase.

I know your history. I can't liken you to a Phoenix, you're more like the lone survivor of a fiery crash that killed everyone else. I think that because I've seen your guilt and I know you came from it slowly. On your knees.

You're better than you know.

There's a list in my head of people I can never be without and you're on it. You’re my lungs.

I've hurt your feelings because I have a stupid, quick mouth and I immediately throw myself down. You know that.

We became friends over coffee when you were off on Tuesdays. We stay friend over the phone because you live in the city.

I've hoped for you. I've grieved for you. I've bitten my tongue to a bloody nub staring at the brick wall you bang your head against like it'll ever move.

You're stubborn.

You're so flawed. Perfectly flawed.

And funny......remember when you schlepped your boyfriend on the patio and the neighbour caught you and gave you dirty looks the next day while you painted your house. I truly thought I'd done organ damage that night, I laughed so hugely.

You're so much better than you'll ever, ever know.

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