Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I've just finished reading a few blog pages by other (less depressed) folks. I am realizing just how much of my "blackness" is even in the design of my page. Interesting, the things you overlook in creating a visual representation of your thoughts. Even the simple act of clicking on my page impacts my overall feeling. 
I 'wannabe' happy. I would like for my writing to be sharp and funny again. I am sarcastic and that will never change, but this oozing black tar that is my general attitude lately has got to go.
Perhaps it is time to consider changing my layout to something a little less dark. Hmmm ... maybe it will inspire a more positive outlook. I am going to take this under advisement. I found a spectacular blog page design, but I can not seem to upload it to my page. I don't know if I am simply technologically challenged or if it is my hateful operating system... I have not given up, though.
I think I will focus a little of my pent up energy on some positive changes and see if I can fix me in baby steps. :)
Think happy thoughts for me.
PS - I simply had to post on 09/09/09 ... too kewl!

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Eyvi Sprite said...

Oh! I have been thinking about changing things up a bit too, but for different reasons. I am also experiencing technical difficulties (may or may not be end user related).