Monday, September 14, 2009

Hurricane Bill Damage

Not sure if many were even aware of the massive hurricane that was supposed to kick off the Atlantic hurricane season ... those who were surely are also aware of the reality of this storm.

Don't get me wrong, in light of all the damage we have seen from Mother Nature's brute force I wasn't hoping for catastrophe ... but I'm always up for a good storm and this was a big ol' disappointment :(

No disrespect meant to anyone who has suffered at the hands of brutal weather.


Eyvi Sprite said...

ah ha ha ha ah! I was out of my ind with worry over that bad boy! Mostly 'cause the other half was supposed to go away. If he had gone, it would have rivaled Juan.

Are you trying to break some sort of blogging personal record today? Not that I mind, I am highly entertained.

Danica Dragonfly said...

Gotta do something to stave off the voices :)

Mwah ha ha ha

The Management said...

But how will you ever get the crease out of the mat? Fie on you, weather gods!