Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Tasks ...

First, I have had another blog award bestowed upon me. I once felt somewhat covet-y ...covet-ous? ... covet-some? ...envious! about these awards. Having said that, I am not so sure  everyone shares that opinion. I notice some of the cooler kids don't display theirs ... what's up with that???

None the less, I will take it (see incurable attention whore) and display it proudly on my page.

Thank you, Eyvi...

7 things about me ... hmmm. I have played this game once before. Can I think of 7 more things of any interest to tell you? Here goes:

1) I can not sleep if there is a drawer or closet door open anywhere in my house (of which I am aware) ... I had recurring nightmares as a child of various ghoulies and all around malevolent entities escaping them.

2) The TP roll MUST roll UNDER! No exceptions. (I wonder why nobody refills the TP at my house???)

3) I do not like tomatoes. I have tried ... sincerely tried to eat tomatoes my entire life ... too much like an eyeball. I like everything made from them ... just has to be run through a blender or food processor first (even salsa - I know ... I am weird)

4) I believe in ghosts. I even had a first hand experience with one.

5) I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I grew up. (Did I already divulge that?)

6) I have only ever had three actual relationships. I am married to my third ... lived with my second for 5 years and lost my virginity (at 17, I might add) to the first.

7) I used to be involved heavily in competitive horseback riding. Yeppers, placed 1st, 2nd (twice), 3rd (4 times) and 5th a bunch of times. I haven't 'set' a horse in close to 15 years. :(

There you have it - 7 more things you didn't (need to) know about Dani.

I do not remember who all has this award - or who was included on Eyvi's list of nominees ... I am going to send a shout out over to (and bestow my award upon) Amethyst Anne at The Lunch Hour for three reasons, 1) for not killing our friend "X", 2) for inspiring his return to blogging all regular like, and 3) for being such a kick ass writer!

Honestly, I don't follow blogs I don't think are all kinds of awesome ... so if I forgot anyone, and I follow you ... consider yourself "bestowed upon".... 'course that means you must also follow me or you would not know I was bestowing said award - and therefore will not be getting any "awesome" from me ... bastards!

My next order of "bidness" is this video that a dear friend of mine emailed me today. It made me happy in my pants and I thought I would share it with my bloggy buds. I do not know the story behind it, it just made me smile. ***though I will tell you - anyone approaches me in "hug formation" - be prepared to get stuck. I am seriously protective of my "personal space".

Watch Video

Still, it made me happy and I hope it has the same effect on you.

To my 'Americum' friends, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your turkey ... bitches. To everybody else in the world who shall remain turkey-less (meaning less of turkey) ... well, like me ... it sucks to be you. Wah.

Stay tuned later this evening for another round of "Thank You Very Much Thursday"



brite said...

The TP goes over...not gonna argue about it, that's just the way it is and always will be!

And I found* the most gorgeous French word today...'libellule'. Care to guess what it means? Huh?

*I'm working really hard on my French so maybe I can impress some officious Swiss asshole and get home sooner.

Danica Dragonfly said...

oooh - pretty. I like it!

Dragonflies are so cool. I have always been a big fan.

I am just purposely ignoring your other comment. :)

Good luck with the French... and the Swiss assholes.

Amethyst Anne said...

I have a much more neutral take on the TP..I really don't much care which way it gets on the roll, or hell who am I kidding, if it even makes it on the roll, just so long as there is some.

And Dani, thanks for the award, I will post it soon.
btw..I LOVE your Thank you very much Thursdays.. you had me snorting out loud!

The Management said...

1. You are correct, TP goes under.
2. We share the exact same feelings on tomatoes.
3. I also wanted to be a MArine Biologist. Yes, I've lived in Saskatchewan my entire life.
4. I have also only had three relationships.

Are you a sessier version of me?

Danica Dragonfly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danica Dragonfly said...

Nobody is sessier than Admin!!

But that, my friend is creepy weird

Xtreme said...

Under? Are you all mad? That just makes it further from you! And easier for the kitten to play with.

Tomatoes are the work of the devil. True fact.

Cindy said...

I LOVE the free hugs guy.

And I confess, if I can reach the TP, if it's not wet and there's enough left, I care not.

Now, that gob of my hair that gets in the shower drain? THERE's something to get worked up about. (Retch)

Eyvi Sprite said...

I'm going to hav to go withthe consensus and say if there is toilet paper then I don't care how it's on there. But it has to be on the roll. DO NOT put it on the counter or the tank. That will get you injured.

You will never be able to sleep at my house. None of the can shut anything. Born in a barn, the lot of 'em.

Eyvi Sprite said...

None of *them. I need, need to proof read.