Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm the Sweetest ... Mmkay

Wowzers ... I hardly feel deserving at present.

Marky Mark has awarded me with the preceding accolade for my "sweetness"???

Uhhh ... thanks Mark? Have you READ my blog? Ever? I'm not sweet. I'm actually borderline vile ... full of vitriol and rage. Like ... my sweet cake would have smashed light bulbs and anti freeze in it. Know what I'm sayin'??? I might steal your cupcake and lick all the icing off it and hand it back to you ... fully infected with a trail from my acid tongue ... yeah - that sounds like me...

I mean I'm totally taking it - 'cause let's face it ... I'm an attention whore of epic proportions ... but ... REALLY? I'm the SWEETEST??

Ah well ... I am sure Mark is referring to my sweet, sweet passionate ranting - that must be it.

Either way, I thank you - for thinking of me and am as touched and honored as if I had won Miss Congeniality at the local beauty pagent ... *laughs cynically to self*

I may need to think about whether or not I am willing to share my spoils ... therefore, you must wait for another post to find out!


Mark Price said...

HA, The "sweetest" thing was a ploy to get you back on here posting your usual no-holds-barred rants about life, love, work, and those crappy bisitors in the granny flat. It worked too! Glad you're back, all the niceness on here was makin me want to put on a dress and go off skipping through town handing out flowers to strangers. All is right again in Bloggville.

The Management said...

To some of us, vitriol is sweet.

Danica Dragonfly said...

Uhhh - you are not giving me much in the way of persuasion if the end result would be you trouncing through town in a dress handing out flowers from the basket on your new 2 wheeler ... I simply MUST have that as my new wallpaper.

Ah, Doran ... only to others schooled in the art of kick ass retribution. But thanks. (I think?)