Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now, The "Bisitors" Will Know I Was Here...

It would seem I have myself somewhat of a talented dog.

Yup, he's a regular Rembrant with his fecal offerings. Why just the other day, I was greeted in my driveway (directly in front of my tenants' preferred door, I may add) by the most spectacular site.

While I realize this is somewhat a Canadian thing, it is my hope that at minimum, with the onslaught of the Olympic Ceremonies, you'll all have some knowledge of what this creature is. An Inukshuk. It's purpose? To signal the inhabitation of human life forms.

It would seem, my dog has rendered his own homage to this figure - by way of what I lovingly refer to as an Inukshit. I SHIT YOU NOT!!! I would've gotten a photo, but my husband creamed it into the pavement of our driveway in his haste to get to work on time. An error I'm certain he soon regretted by the apparent ripened state of said molding material.

I couldn't make this stuff up, people.

I am curious if our tenants (or bisitors as Shorty so lovingly refers to them) got the general point? I got a good chuckle out of it. Sucker was a foot and a half high if it was an inch!!!

Ahh, the humour of every day life in the Dragonfly house never ceases. We should go on tour ... nah, that sounds too much like work.

Enjoy your Tuesday!



The Management said...

I taught your dog well. I tend to make mine more of a surprise though.

Spot said...

So...your dog took a crap in front of your tenants door...but then your hubby is the one who stepped in it? That sounds like the kind of sad irony that often invades my life.

Then again, I could be completely confused. Cold meds do weird things to my brain.


Cynica Sarcastamos said...

LOL - this is funny! I'm in YT right now and I'm seeing these guys everywhere! (Not made by your dog, however. bum-mer.) In Alaska we cover moose turds in shellac then make earrings and sell them to tourists. (Tourists'll buy anything.) I think you should get yourself some shellac and create the Inukshit Napkin Ring.