Monday, November 23, 2009

Regarding "Dedicated To ..."

Alright! I totally know I am about to show very bad bloggy form indeed by what I am about to do here ... but it MUST be done, for my paranoid little bean can not handle the snub any longer.

Why is it, that the only two people for whom I professed my cyber-lovin' (on my big ol' sooky post) are noticeably absent from the comments section? Hmmm?

Admin and Geep - I is talkin' to yous.

Too verklempt to respond? So very very touched, you couldn't form the words to express your undying agreement?? Hmm? I am crushing your heads bitches... crushing and crushing (I'm using your profile pictures for this, of course)

Okay - I'm done now. You may continue your regularly scheduled programming at this time.

PS - Exactly WHAT part of attention whore did you people NOT understand?

Watch Video ------>


I started with Kids in the Hall ... but that was waaayyy better :)



that was phenom - if only it worked in real life

Meeko Fabulous said...

You're hilarious! LoL! :)

Xtreme said...

Phew! Damn I'm glad I posted something!

brite said...

Hee hee.I love Kids In The Hall!

The Management said...

Firstly, I wish that I had the power demonstrated in that video, I would be the Emperor of Canada by Wednesday.

Secondly, I thousand apologies. I didn't mean to hurt you, dear heart. Saturday was particularly busy in preparation for Sunday's football game (and house stuff). Also, I'm following about fourty blogs now, and the odd time (because I make it a point to check) yours can get buried.

Thank you for your kind words, they make me tingly in the naughty bits, and are reciprocated fully. This is all my fault and I feel terrible, I shall go punish myself with a StabbyMart Brand Cat-o-Nine Tails as penance.

P.S. I won't mangle you for telling people I have a heart but you better believe that you've earned a paddlin'.

Spot said...

First, I'm so freaking glad I commented because that head crushin looks painful! I laughed so hard at that video. How many times I would've liked to be able to do that???