Monday, November 16, 2009

Dani Got Her Groove Back

I suppose all will be happy to hear that my funk has passed ... for now.

I am back on speaking terms with my boy. I really hope that does not happen again. I need him to have my back ... I simply can not do this if he's on the outside too. But we are much better now.

I think my tenants' relationship may have ended last night. One of them (the one with the car ... oh - and the job) left and hasn't been back. I wouldn't know all of this except that my hubby was in the basement clearing up after our latest painting job and when you are in the basement, the noise from the apartment travels. So does the smell of smoke ... but not 'regular' smoke, in this case.

I really can't believe how non-observant I am getting. I smelled that smoke on a half dozen occasions and knew it had an oddness about it ... but it didn't occur to me until my Mom mentioned speaking with "her" and how she seemed kinda ... spacey. BLINK!!! On came the lights. Just how much pot did I smoke in my 20's that I don't recollect the pungent aroma of it? D'uh.

Sigh ... I guess I am going to have to have a conversation with the "bisiters" some night this week. I need to be sure I'll be getting rent. I also need to be sure if they plan to stay or go. I have someone else interested, but I just don't feel overly great about this. Why can't SOMETHING just work as planned?

So ... I know the burning question on everyone's mind (and by everyone, I mean Mark, of course) WTH have I been? It's not all that sexy of a story ... well there is that one part, but ... I skipped out on blogging Thursday and Friday because I was tired of hearing myself whine and I just couldn't subject anyone else to it ... and that geezly happy spot of mine remained ever elusive. By Saturday, I was in better spirits and you very likely would have heard from me ... EXCEPT ... I had no internet. Wanna know why? Too late, I'ma tellin' ya anyway. My husband, that's why. Bearing in mind that I do not require our internet in order to work - as he does. All I use it for is surfing and blogging and looking up the occasional tid-bit of information for my eldest when she stumps this chump.

I have mentioned on a number of occasions that we are having financial difficulties. I think I have even gone so far as to speak the evil "B" word ... which we have also done. There were some residual utility accounts that had been behind and a call was necessitated in order to make arrangements to settle up in the interest of keeping ... say ... lights turned on ... or internet, that my husband could work - thusly continuing to receive a pay cheque. You follow? I bestowed this task on my boy. It was a simple request - so thought I.

He made an arrangement with the company that carries our internet, cable and phone to pay a lump sum of x dollars. He told me about it and I said that was going to be tough, but I would come up with it somehow  - we are good then, though - right? He agreed and I went about setting up the lump sum and then splitting the normal monthly amount between the two pays and bada bing - Bob's yer uncle ... right? Wrong! He promised them another $100.00 per week (we get paid bi weekly, FYI) and never told me. Here, I was making the half payments, thinking everything was hunky dorey fine and then Friday evening ... no digital cable. Huh - that's odd. We had the non digital in the other rooms (FYI - only reason we have digital is because it was cheaper to take the package than to go with regular). I didn't really care, the kids had their TV - I was reading, so it bothered me not. When he got home I mentioned it and after some rummaging around, he realized they had cut off some of our services - leaving the phone and the regular cable. Weird. Anyway, he set about trying to get it straightened out and by this afternoon finally did. What a dumbass!

Some days ... I could reach out and jap-slap him. Who makes payment arrangements and then neglects to mention the details to the person who actually PAYS the bills? I know, I know - it is one more thing that I must add back to my list of responsibilities. I have only myself to blame.

Sooo - I am back in the saddle. Tired as hell - namely because of the goings on in my bed last night ... no, don't worry - I'll not be regaling you with torrid images of mating dragonflies ... no - I'm going to talk about my dependants - well, four of the five, anyway. It started with my Shorty. She arrived in my bed at her usual 2:00ish am. She normally gets into bed and I don't even wake anymore - last night, however was different. Namely because her father was near shaking the bed snoring. I sleep soundly enough lately that it wouldn't have bothered me ... except ... she woke me up to speak to him about the noise. I told her to go back to her own bed - but this, she would not have ... so I poked him in the ribs, he rolled over and we all went back to sleep. Then ... around quarter of 4, Stretch comes sailing into our room, screaming like a banshee. She scared the bejesus out of the three of us and then hubby instructed her to climb into bed - on my side. I directed her to the middle - just on the other side of Shorty. Here's what happened next:

Shorty: Aahhh ... STRETCH!!! You are touchin' me!
Stretch: AM NOT!
Hubby: GIRLS!
Stretch: Shorrrr-teee THAT HURTS ... WAAAHHHHHHH!!!
Hubby: Stop crying, Stretch - Shorty say you are sorry
Shorty: Sorry, Stretch. *grins evil grin into darkness, though both Stretch and I can sense it*

Shorty and Stretch in unisen: whine-whine-whine-whine-whine-whine-whine
Hubby: Sigh *gets out of bed*
Me: I was NOT talking to you ... you may stay. It's the short ones must go.
Hubby: No - it's easier if I go with Stretch *takes eldest whining child back to her room*

A little time passes ... Hubby comes back to bed *resumes shaking the foundation of the house*

Cooper-dawg: Hach, belch, barf, barf ... oh what a relief it is.

Me: *pulls covers over head*

A little more time passes - it is now approximately 5 am. I have to pee. I am stupefied. I go staggering into the adjoining bathroom and ... SQUISH ... "AW FUCK!!!" That's what I get for ignoring my motherly duties. Still didn't clean it up off the floor, though. Just my foot ... ewww.

At 6:00 am, Stretch woke me again. She was screaming bloody blue murder from her bedroom. (Nightmares - I was accosted with them as a child too) I call her downstairs and put her in the livingroom - yup, you guessed it ... in front of the TV - and went back to bed to salvage the last 35 minutes of sleep before I HAD to be up.

Poor me.

On another note, Mom bought me paint for my birthday and I painted my living room and I LOVE IT!! I know, I am pathetic ... getting paint for my birthday - it's the second year in a row, too. Last year she bought my kitchen paint. I figure I'll be somewhere in my fifties by the time I get the rest of the house painted.



Mark Price said...

ok I'm late for work will comment a little later. good post !

Spot said...

Hehehe. The bed scene reminds me of the good ole days when we would end up with all three kids in bed with us. I do miss snuggling their small bodies. Missing sleep because they aren't home on time or forget to call to say they are ok does not have the same love inducing quality let me tell you! I'm glad you're back!


The Management said...

I know exactly how you feel when you have a significant other that doesn't tell you about "arrangements".

I must be a cruel parent because my kids are NOT allowed in my bed unless the world is ending. Well, not even then. If the world is ending I have other bidness to take care of and the kids don't need to see that.