Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ahhh Thank You Very Much Thursday

This could easily be my favorite day of the week!

Why? You may (or may not) ask. Well, I'm sure it won't shock your socks off to learn I intend to tell you. So sit down, shut up and hang on... (Geez - I could make Supah's White Trash list yet ...) I love Thursdays because it's almost Friday ... like Christmas Eve is almost Christmas ... and because my three favorite shows come on tonight ... and because ... er, see below.

Without further ado, it's time for another round of  *does drum roll on desk that I am supposed to be doing real work on at moment* Thank You Very Much Thursday

TYVM Diana Gabaldon - for creating Jamie Fraser's character, completely blowing my husband's chances for effective coupling until he can master a Scot's accent.

TYVM Stretch - for asking Mommy if she carried a baby in her bum as well as her belly (after noticing one was as flabby as the other) ... honey, you are swell.

TYVM Shorty - for making Mommy blow milk out her nose when you casually informed me that your booster seat nolonger fit 'your little booty'.

TYVM Regional metting yesterday - for boring me so thoroughly, I was actually grateful to come back to work this morning.

TYVM Real Estate Agents who share our building - for just being you ... in all your twat-waffle-esc  (waffle-y? Oh you get my message) glory. Also, for clearing a path of enlightenment thru which one can witness what sheer self indulgence and perceived entitlement really look like ... also for being mean to my only kindred spirit in this hole of hell... and for being so loud, also.

TYVM Daughters of mine - for invading and subsequently conquering my bed :(

TYVM Co worker who peed on the floor in my bathroom again - for ... uhhh weren't you paying attention??? PEEING ON THE FLOOR IN MY BATHROOM!!!

TYVM Narci - for not joining us at the regional meeting ... no I really mean this one.

TYVM Week - for being over ... no wait, that only applies to my daughter .... aaahhhhh!!!

And that, folks wraps up another installment of TYVM Thursday (d'ya think I have said it enough times? Well ... typed it ... but I am saying it inside my head ... so does that count as saying it?  Yeah, it counts - I laugh at my own jokes out loud).

*prepares best "game show host" voice*

Tune in again next week to hear yet a little bit more about the very same topics!

Enjoy, all!! (Yes, that was exclamation point worthy!!)



The Management said...

God I love you. And your kids.

Danica Dragonfly said...

Awww, D - we love U too.

Eyvi Sprite said...

Hey, I love you too! But you knew that.
Hey! TYVM for sticking up for me. And I laugh at my own jokes too, sometimes so hard I have trouble finishing my joke. I am a nerd. But then you knew that too.

Danica Dragonfly said...

Yeah, but you are still cooler than me ... so ... uh, what do nerds make fun of?

Oh yeah - everybody else ... it's different now that nerds have taken over the world ...

Spot said...

Damn that Diana Gabladon! Isn't Jamie absolutely the most perfect man ever imagined?? Mmmm...


Danica Dragonfly said...

Mmmmphm ... Och!

Jamie could read me the fricken dictionary and I'd melt into a puddle of ready.

Damn her for that character ... I am frothing at the mouth for Dragonfly in Amber

Cindy said...

Hi there!
Diana is my hero, I've actually got to meet her a few times, in town and online in a books forum I use. You have so many happy hours ahead of you with this series.

Should I send you a picture of what she says young Jamie looks like?

Danica Dragonfly said...


I am frothing I tells ya. I can't wait for the next book.

One of the gals in my office is on the message board for Ladies of Lallybroch. She showed me Diana's most recent choice for him. He's pretty yummy just inside my little bean.

Anyone who can have the heart throb beat the heroine and still have him come out he other side as such a sessy man ... well - Diana's quite a talent. I'm totally hooked.

Mark Price said...

My cheeks hurt...not my ass cheeks my face cheeks! Thanks for a good laugh. This is one of my favorite blog theme days. NOTE TO EVERYONE IN DANICA"S TOWN/JOB: