Saturday, January 9, 2010

Okay - Okay ...

I am sorry about the Santa ...

I figured if I needed to bleach my eyes - well ... everyone else should have to as well. My bad.

I am suffering from painful gas of the brain ... aka brain farts. Plus ... I still have not put Christmas back to its summer home ... and - I have ten screeching little banshees little darlins coming tomorrow for Stretch's birfday party. We had to postpone it from last weekend due to my gross negligenec as a parent for not contacting eveyone soon enough the weather conditions. (honestly, the weather was in fact bad ... I just didn't know that it would be when I was supposed to be doing my motherly duties ... I have a tendancy to suck a little in this regard of late) I will make it up to her, in that I was not in a party place last weekend, but THIS weekend, I am fresh from researching fun party stuffs (between blogging, catching up on my bank reconcilliation and reading my book ... oh, yeah ... and leaving Narci to believe I was doing something productive whilst attending work ... what else would I do? I can't shop on eBay ... I'm boycotting them still - plus there is the 'no money' aspect...) ... yes, I am a bad employee. I went from one of the best  types of people you could have in your employ ... to ... well ... this. Shameful, really.

Anywho ... I have some kick ass games planned and I spent yesterday afternoon (at work, of course) stuffing loot bags. He deserves this, you know he does. Plus - the people who are supposed to be driving in business ... are NOT. That isn't on me. I tried to set up a business referral service for him before I left for holiday. They guaranteed ten live referrals for the first week of January. He screwed around and pissed around and then it was too late ... so I don't even feel a tinge of guilt. He can suck it for all I care. Hmmm ... how many live referrals did I get this week??? Oh yeah - NONE. We had one call from the phone book add. That was my week - scary, no? And you wanna believe he was bitching and moaning about it all week, too. I looked him straight in the eyes and said: "I tried to get us set up for those referrals ... and you screwed around for over a week! I tried." Would you like to know what he had the unmittigated gaul to say to me? "*snorts* Uh ... do YOU have a thousand bucks I can borrow?" ('cause the service costs a little over a thousand ... to make well over $15K ...) I said "Uh ... yeah, I'll write you a cheque ... just don't drop it, it's likely bouncy"


Sooo ... I must toddle as I have a mountain of packing ... reassigning various crap and other crap I have kicking around for the purpose of decoration the rest of the year. Plus I need to clean this cesspool. I am lookin' down the barrel of a seriously busy day ... and a sore back at bedtime.

Again ... please forgive me for Santa's sack. I had a breif nightmare about that pic last night ... eeewwwww.

Do have a loverly Saturday, all.



Spot said...

So after I scrubbed my eyeballs with not really.

Sounds like you will meet yourself coming and going today. Hope stretch's party is a huge success!! Happy birthday dear Stretch!!


Amethyst Anne said...

I was too shook up over the Santa to post yesterday...ok not really, but hey! Hope Stretch's party doesn't cause you to explode.
And Narci- seriously...after his lotto win..I'm surprised you didn't take a loot bag and shove it up his...

Xtreme said...

Wow. I was sure by now they'd have to call in a world renowned proctologist to surgically remove your foot from Narci's ass.