Friday, January 15, 2010


K - I think I may have mentioned in the past that I can be a bit of a joiner ... in case nobody has figured this out yet. Chief over at (Hiding from the Kids) is part of another blog carnival and it looks like it could be fun, so I am going to try it on for size. I will be attempting to behave in a manner befitting the blog it shall be linked to ... so there will be limited swearing, blood and references to voodoo dolls of my boss. (OW!! Do NOT throw rotten veggies at my head!!)

Friday Confessional...

* I, too have taken sabatical from regular 'lawn maintenance' where my legs ... and a couple of other places are concerned. I figure it all lends to natural insulation from the bitter cold ... or at least that's the platform I'm standing behind at present.

* I have graduated from passive aggressive - to aggressive passive aggressive ... what that means (in Dani's dictionary) is I am now "actively" pervasive, negative and passive, usually disavowed  and resistant in interpersonal or occupational situations. Or in layman's terms ... when my husband behaves in his newly formed passive aggressive behavior and does not put the clean basket of laundry away ... I leave it there until the contents of said basket are once again dirty ... or, when my boss man wants me to develop the "second sight" and anticipate his every whim and fancy ... I pretend I am unable to decipher his limited range of contemplation and then, with an air of incredulity, state I am NOT clairvoyant nor is it part of my job description to be so.

* I ate 3 peanut butter roll-overs (WITH BUTTER) for dinner last night. (My kids had eaten out with their father as they had extra cirriculars to attend)

* I have put my children to bed at least a half hour too late every night this week because I could not get my face out of my book long enough to bath them on time. (Damn you, Diana Gabaldon!!!) I am a baaaad, baaaad mommy.

* In turn .... I stayed up until 2:00 am this very morning finishing said book ... *yawns ingraciously*

* I have not logged a single step on the treadmill I recently pledged my life to. There is no excuse for this ... I just haven't.

* I encouraged my hubs to "borrow" a couple of rolls of TP from his office the other night ... we were out and unable to requisition any of our own ... and Narci has planted homing devices in our stock in the office I'm quite certain ... so it had to be him. I would be ashamed of myself ... except the alternative of using old flyers for the task has left me rather unscrupulous in this matter.

* Nearly every one of my posts are written whilst on company time ... yes - I feel perfectly justified in this highly enjoyable waste of paid time.

Okay - I got eight ... not a total waste of a showing.

Hope to be invited back ... but if not, this was still fun!

D, out.


Melissa said...

hahahaha you are hilarious! Mmmh, those peanut butter roll-ups sound divine. And yes, my legs are not the only thing that could use some shaving. Good thing my eyebrows and big toes are taken care of, right?

Aaah, my little brother stole toilet paper from my parents. (Yes, he is an adult and married) Taking it from the office seems better than taking it from your parents. (When my dad questioned him about it, he said, "It was just sitting there." That's right-we don't LOCK up our toilet paper.)

Thanks for playing!

Stacy said...

I drove by toilet paper on the road last night. Like it had fallen out of a truck or something. I had to talk myself out of stopping and picking it up!! Had it not been 1000 degrees below zero I might have. Why is it so hard to buy??

Chief said...

I love that you "borrowed TP"... classic

and so many of us women have prickly legs!

I feel so normal!

Robin said...

Wow I thought i was the only one who ever borrowed TP..YAy..Im so glad Ive found a community of borrowers..!Im a new follower..!

Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

oh yea---the lawn maintenance. I KNEW I was forgetting something.

By the way, neglecting your children for reading is totally acceptable.

Running out of TP is totally unacceptable---I do it all the time. Then I have to resort to paper towels, or tissues. Also unacceptable.

Seriously, when you have five kids, there is no excuse for ever running out of TP, Milk, or bread.

And yet, I do it. Regularly.

Wow. I feel better now having just confessed along with you. Phew. Thanks :)

Oka said...

I think my Mom has a fear of running out of toilet paper and she let's that fear fall onto this household here. If I don't have two of those warehouse packages of Charmin in the closet when she visits, I do when she leaves. I have a confession, I don't run out to Sam's to stalk up the toilet paper before she comes. LOL

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Hey I have had to "borrow" Tp before too :)

Denise said...

OMG! I am dying laughing! You are me! I am reading this at work and I usually write and post and research while at work (and I sit right next to my boss and she FACES me). I just cannot use this as one of my confessions in case it gets in the wrong hands! LOL
Oh,and we do the “borrowing” as well. Not TP, but trash bags, splenda, tea, you-name-it!
We are kindred spirits! I am following!!!!

Kat said...

You're funny! I've been there - isn't it amazing how when you have no way to procure your own toilet paper, there ARE plenty of ways to get some :) Love it!