Friday, January 1, 2010

The Dani-Clan

Doodle Bug 'n' The Bee aka Stretch 'n' Shorty

Ma 'n' Pa Kettle

 l-r Daddy Long Legs, Doodle Bug, The Bee, Dani-fly
                                                 The Dani-Clan (as Mark so named us)

This was the product of the afternoon I spent playing with my kids' craft stuff having craft time with my kids :)


Mark Price said...

What a colorful family unit! Oh and what big eyes you all have!! LOL...Happiest new year to the Dani-clan!!

Eyvi Sprite said...

I love afternoons spent playing with the kids (stuff)! The best things come of it. Doodle bugs eyes are fabulous!

Spot said...

Looks like fun!! I hope you enjoyed it. Happy New Year to the whole Dani-clan!!!


brite said...

Awwww that looks like it was fun! You guys are all very cute, but I had no idea that ALL of you were insects.
*wanders off to the French dictionary to look up new words*