Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fabolus Fabulosity

I just wanna express my gratitude for the fabulosity of my bleeps (sistah's 'n' bros). The warm sunny rays of your friendship ... well ... they near burn my retina. (I kinda stole that from Supah ... but she doesn't read my shit so ... whatevs)

Very lovely comments indeed. It is nice to have a posse again. It has been a very very long time.

So - here's my last big display of creepy niceness ... hugs and slobbery kisses - the cyber kind of course, 'cause otherwise ... ewww ... germs ... and touching ... blech. To those of you who always have my back - I love ya ... I do. You'll likely never know just how much each one of you has come to mean to me. Your fabulosity is FABOLUS!!!

Doran ... if you are out there anywhere ... I'd even throw in some nudity in your honor (not mine, of course - cause that'd be cruel ... tho - extra weight sits happily on my bazoooms) ... but I misses you bucky ... come back and play in the sand box - K? You too Geep.

K - I am done now.

Stay tuned for some holiday observations or possibly just some bitchin' in the coming days. I haven't been around Narci in like 10 days ... so there has been much less fodder for my inner assasin. Perhaps I'll share my New Year's Eve shopping experience ... yeah ... and my PDV (that's public display of violence) ... yeah ... that might be good.

Dani out


Spot said...

PDV? Yay! Bring it on! I too shopped on New Year's Eve. It was creepy. Perfect strangers wished me a happy new year. In a parking lot no less. I asked hubby what the hell their problem was!


Eyvi Sprite said...

I think the New Year is gonna bring about big changes in our little corner of the globe. You lean on me, I'll lean on you and that way neither of us is gonna fall, Kay?

Xtreme said...

We may be slackers, but we ain't goin' no wheres. Whether you like it or not.

Amethyst Anne said...

I love me some fabulous!!

Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

passin some fabulous bloggy awards over to ya...
pick them up off my post today :)