Friday, October 22, 2010

The Week That Wuz...

Ahh Friday. I do love the Christmas Eve of the week!!

This has been a very long week. I'm not entirely sure why ... well except for the fact that my tenant hasn't paid her rent for the month of October yet and it is almost November ... and she lost her job ... which I found out only because I tried  hunting her ass down through her employer and stumbled across this fact quite by accident.  She's been dodging us since the beginning of the month ... coming home after midnight and leaving before I do in the morning. Sneaky little bitch. We wound up locking her out last Thursday night and posting a note to her door that she needed to speak with us. That's how my husband came to be talking to her at 12:20am ... and when she promised she'd have our rent by the next day ... which came and went with no call and no appearance of cash. On Saturday, she stuck an envelope to our door with $190.00 (of the $550.00 she owes) and a note saying she'd get the rest to us by the following Tuesday. (That would have been 3 days ago) 

Guess what? Oh c'mon ... you know what happens next here. No money. No call, note or contact of any kind ... AND she is back to coming and going when we are asleep. So, I listed the apartment for rent again. We are not in the financial position to be able to let this go. If we are going to have a loss, it needs to be now - before heating season really kicks in. I need to get this girl out of my life ... this is entirely too stressful. 

On Wednesday morning, Stretch stood up on stage in front of her entire elementary school and sang the Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World remix by Nora Jones. I have embedded the Youtube link to it, in case you are unfamiliar with the version:

My husband was as nervous as hell about her doing this and made her sing it to me the evening before to see if I could give her some pointers. He is uber afraid of one of the girls experiencing public ridicule ... which I get, as I do not like to think of them in any sort of discomfort ... but she chose to volunteer for it ... we could hardly keep her from doing it - right? I tried to straighten out a few of the verses for her, but she is as stubborn as a rock and opted to do it her way.

I didn't get to go as I was the only one in that morning (and we had all of 14 hours notice of this event) - so hubs went in my stead. She ROCKED it!! He said he was bursting so much with pride, that a tear escaped. He also said he felt terrible for having doubted her. He said she looked so little on that great big stage all alone ... no musical accompaniment ... she stood there and sang it a capella. He said there was a lady there (another parent) that remarked to him that Stretch had some raw talent and suggested we should give her vocal training. 

I am 'as proud as Lucifer' as they say. My baby!! I can't get over her bravery. Man - I couldn't do that without peeing my pants.

Shorty also got an award at the same assembly, so it was a good day for the Dragonfly girls!

Okay - I'm done bragging now. I figure since I spend so much time complaining about them ... I had better brag them up a bit too - right??

Hope everyone has a stupendous weekend!


brite said...

Oh dang...I really hoped that was a link to Stretch rockin it! And voice's a cheap and brilliant way to get that done and great for young kids...choir. I had The Max in choirs of various kinds from the time he was 5 until his voice broke.

Amethyst Anne said...

I'm with brite- I too thought that youtube was of Stretch!
Oh man.. I teared up with pride for you! Way to go Stretch and Shorty.
And meh on the tenant- kick her out once and for all!
Enjoy your weekend!!

The Real Me said...

Awa its Proud Momma Day in Blog land!

I think that the kids should get to see these kinds of posts some day... how great to know you made perfect strangers proud of you!

Yay for the baby dragonflies