Friday, October 15, 2010

Perspective ... That's About the Size, Where You Put Your Eyes...

That's about the size of it.

Anyone familiar with the Sesame Street that I grew up with in the 70's would know this little ditty well. Of all the lessons I learned (or chose to ignore ...) from that iconic program, THIS one is, by far, the most pertinent and poignant. It's a song about perspective. .

Even as a child, I found this meaningful. I mean there is no way I could fully grasp the enormity of the concept at the ripe old age of 7... but I knew it was important.

This year, I am finding this to be particularly pertinent. After the past year and a half or so, what with going bankrupt, limping through last winter, the adventure that is Narci and a few other tid-bits that have not necessarily been shared - I see life a little differently than I used to.

Normally, I would find Autumn somewhat depressing. By October, I would start feeling that sense of an ending. A time to crawl within myself and hibernate for the long, cold winter. I am someone that suffers from the whole lack of daylight thing and I have been clinically depressed since I was a teen ... so, no ... I was never a fan of the gateway to Winter. Not that I don't love Christmas ... because I do, but it has its own baggage, too ... especially for economically depressed budgets such as my own. But this year ...

Dare I boldly state that I am experiencing a feeling that is somewhat alien to me? Could it be? Hope. I feel hope. We are still having issues ... and Hubs was laid off again last week ... (but is still working and still getting paid, and that asinine place he works for couldn't tell its asshole from its appetite, so it's business as usual for now) and my tenant has lost her job (which I found out about after trying to track the little twit down) and is  15 days late paying rent and dodging us ... but, I think we are okay.
We've come through the worst and are out the other side ... we've taken steps to solve our heating issues from last year and I have already started shopping for the big toy haul. Heck ... once I can refinance my mortgages into one ... we'll even be able to get my mom outta the house and back into her place. That'll be suhweet! Then - life will be good(er?) ... (est?)... I'm even starting to bond with my house!

Until then, I continue to work on making us better. Me, in particular ... Danica 2.0, if you will. The next 8 - 12 months are going to be quite a journey for me, both personally and (hopefully) professionally. As long as the caterpillar's shoes have all dropped ... I am blissfully hopeful we are gonna be okay, after all.


Amethyst Anne said...

Thank you for the little trip down memory lane to get the childhood memories flooding back. Hard to believe we were ever that small.
Hope springs eternal!! To new beginnings and leaving the past!
You so deserve it- so enjoy it!!

Melinda said...

Cheers to hope!!

Xtreme said...

Good, gooder and goodest - this is all of the above.