Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things, Autumn Edition

I am in a crabby mood ... no ... "bitchy" better describes it. I am not premenstrual, not suffering from insomnia and don't have any good reason for feeling so rotten in my core. I have been avoiding my blog for this very reason. I thought you all could do without my sharing.

I guess my opinion regarding sparing all of you my bitchy-ness has been overruled by my desire to be cheered up. Sorry.

In an attempt to bolster my own spirits, I am looking to you - my bloggy bleeps to partake in a survey of sorts. You aren't required to participate, but you will make my day a happier place if you do. (No pressure)
Fall is a bit of a mixed bag for many of us ... I am certainly not exempt from that list. I could go on for hours about all the negatives associated with Fall for me ... but the purpose of this exercise is to find the positives. So - without further ado, I give you:

A Few of My Favorite Things, Autumn Edition

1) School goes back in... and the "Boo-Bus" starts making its rounds once again - carrying my little darlings off to be someone else's problem for 6 hours learn new and exciting things with which to regale us all at the evening meal.

 This also stirs up my desire to learn ... go back to school, take some wonderful new course and spice up my world.

2) Fall is a retina searing kind of gorgeous (at least in Nova Scotia). With the leaves changing and how perfectly blue the sky looks in the back drop. Never has death been so beautiful as in the autumn of the year.

3) The mornings are so crisp and fresh. It's like an enema for your senses. Nothing can compare to getting out early on a fine Fall morning for a walk or drive, or whatever. It is invigorating to the soul.

4) Evenings in Fall are also crisp and you can smell the woodsmoke in the air. For me, this is a homey and comforting smell. (Wow - Fall has quite an effect of my olfactory sense, no?)

5) There is a desire to snuggle in the Fall (for me) that simply does not exist in the warmer parts of the year. This pertains to physical contact, but also from a mental perspective, too ... snuggling in, battening down the hatches against the onset of Winter. I find a comfort in this.

6) Even though Fall signifies the end of something ... death, perhaps ... it also holds the promise of the rebirth in the Spring of the year. It's like an opportunity for a do-over every year - or maybe just a chance to do better ... I like that.

7) Photo says it all:

8) Photo can speak here, as well...

9) The promise of those first few snow flakes that no matter how much I cursed the winter the year before ALWAYS lift my spirits like a child, flooding my chest with the warmth of excitement.

10) Christmas is right there ... peeking around the corner with its gaudy decorations, folky music, beauty and magic ... have I mentioned how I love Christmas?

There! I did it. I came up with 10 whole things that I love about Autumn/Fall. And hey - I actually feel better for having done so. I invite you to join in ... but if you don't wanna, I'll understand ... someday.

D - Out.


brite said...

Oh I'm so with you on the beauty of fall...and I envy you NB, I don't think pictures do it justice (from what I've been told) and one day I'll have to get to the East Coast and see it for myself.
I love's birthday bonanza time in September and after that it's the slow change to winter with all those colours and smells that you mentioned.
Fall is also the best time to hike in the temps and gorgeous views.
I like how the days get shorter...makes me feel all cozy.
No more mowing the lawn.
Evenings by the fireplace, without the Big G melting from the heat.
Artisan Markets in all the little villages.
Ummm can't think of anymore reasons right now, but I do love automne.
PS. Cheer up Dani dear, I'm picturing you smiling right now.

Amethyst Anne said...

Maaannn no pressure! HA!
Trust me when I say that this is indeed hard for me. See what a good friend I am!! Really it’s more so that you keep talking to me, so I guess this is fear driven, I mean I LOVE YOU and that’s why I am doing it!! What are you doing still reading this my list is below!
1. The return of comfort food cooked in the oven.
2. Halloween!!!
3. Watching my dog and kid frolic in the first snowfall.
4. Flannel pyjamas and sheets get to come out.
5. Getting to wear cozy sweaters.
6. Making Cub Hot chocolate with marshmallows after playing outside.
7. Driving through the mountains seeing the snow caps starting and the foliage of fall.
8. Prepping and making costumes for HALLOWEEN!
9. Used to mean nights by the fire, but alas we don't have a fireplace anymore.
10. I said Halloween right? Did I? Oh crap I did, maybe more than once. So I guess that means I have to come up with a new number 10..hummm....* must have 10 , must have 10* Ok, BAKING BREAD!! Well I don’t bake bread, but X does..mmmmmm....
Yeah I did it!!
Smooches to you- you smiling now??

The Real Me said...

Ooh! Oooh! I can play! I wanna play!! See, unlike some humdrums out there fall is my FAVORITE season. I wish Fall would last as long as Winter, and Winter would just be Christmas, the week before and the week after... :)
OK! A list!!
- My Wedding Anniversary is in the fall (see, not kidding, love it)
-Bigger clothes!! I can cover unloved body parts that should not ever see the light of day without sweating my ass off
-The colour, The Smell, The beauty of it all!!
- Hunting Season! wait, thats my husbands list...
-Mating Season (for animals you!) there are more animals out to be seen!
-Crisp, wear your sweater and cozy up mornings and evenings that lead to sunshiney not too cold but not too hot days
-Fall bulbs- I'm a tulip lover, so Fall is the best time to plant tulips, and daffodils, and crocus' and narcissus... which you seem to be fond of... :)
-School is back in!!! This is great in my neighbourhood because it means the crime rate goes down!!
-That Crunch of leaves when the air is just right and the sun is just going down and you're in that 30 minute lul where you can wear jeans a sweater and gloves but no winter coat...
Fires, and hikes, and sights and sounds, the preparation for Christmas and Halloween and all the great things everyone has already said... Plus!

Oh and the best? Even when you dislike can come up with a list of 10 things to feel good about... :)

Yay for Fall!

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

My woodsman stacking firewood.
My woodsman in his flannel coat.
My woodsman in his lumberjack boots.
My woods...

okay, you get the point.
I love the woodstove burning all day and night.
Beef stew n dumplins
Crunchy leaves
Fall boots.
My favorite hat named Henry
Pumpkins, acorns, colored leaves
My woodsman and bags of kindling wood....