Friday, October 29, 2010

Memory Lane

Yeah ... so I took a little trip down memory lane via You Tube today. 

My first stop actually happened on my drive to work this morning with The Dream Academy's Life in a Northern Town. I don't know if it is the kettle drums, the oboe or a combo of all of the wonderfully melodious sounds emitted from this talented group ...   but this song gives me goose flesh. I just love it! (I didn't include it as you are perfectly capable of You Tubing it yourself should you have the urge to walk with me).

I then stopped by some Pink Floyd. Oh how I love me some Floyd! Time, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb, Mother, Hey You, Learning to Fly (just to name a few) ... I couldn't decide which one I liked the best ... so I didn't include a clip for this either.

Nor did I include any of the Paul Simon I was listening to ... but 50 Ways to Leave a Lover is a CLASSIC!. Though, the Muppets' version of this one was pretty darned funny - I must say.
Yes, I am all over the map in my musical taste ... really, is this a surprise given how I am all over every other map ... well ... except for an actual map, I suppose.

Nope ... what I opted to share with you fine folks today is something that struck me so funny when I found it, that I felt I should. This is also a classic song ... but it is set to a sock puppet show. (Oh GAWD ... I just snorted ... OUT LOUD) I do hope you enjoy - I sure did. This is a special kind of whacked, the folks that put this one together.

So, with that said ... happy Friday!! D - Out


Amethyst Anne said...

Happy Happy Friday before Hallows eve!!
Man alive we even have similar music takes!! I even know the last song!! Hee, something I have NOT heard in many many years!!
Thanks for the laugh!!
Happy weekend!!

JJ said...

That was too funny! I know some people that would actually get aroused by that video!!

Happy Halloween!

Mark Price said...

Dani, i too love me some floyd and thus tomorrow night i will be 10th row center watching Roger Waters perform The Wall in kansas city. I know right? how cool is that?

brite said...

OMG!! That was waaaaay too cute!I'd forgotten that Chris De Burgh tune. And I'm sharing the love with you for 'Life in a Northern Town'. I loved that tune so much I ran out and bought the album (you know, the big black cd things like they used to have?)but sadly nothing else on it came close to the magic of that tune.