Monday, October 18, 2010

How Do I Love Thee ... Let Me Count the Ways...

I love your furry little tootsies that sound like wooden pegs on the hardwood as you trot down the hallway in your heavy-tootsied way.

I love how you purr so big, it's enough to wake the dead.

I love your velvet soft exterior coating.

I love your melodious singing voice ... ahem caterwauling.

I love that you talk to us ... all.the.time.

I love that you 'don't "take no shit" off no dumbass dawg' (sorry, Cooper ... you know you are the dog in my heart).

I love that you are so gentle with the children.

I love that you love everybody in the house ... but love me the best.

I love your GREAT BIG puss-onality.

I love (secretly, of course) that you terrorize Mom's badass cat like she used to do to my precious Chloe.

But most of all, I love that when I get ready for bed and look up the stairs to the upper landing (where you are perusing your kingdom) - all I have to say is: "I'm goin' to bed, buddy ... you comin'?" ...and you do. Then I get the bestest cuddles ever until I fall asleep to your great big purrin'.

What more could anyone want? I'm so very glad we found each other, Woody.


Mark Price said...

Hey Danica!
I too have a cuddle buddy with 4 legs and a long tail. He is crazy fat so he is a good cuddler. I tell him when I am going to bed and here he comes. Scrunches into my arm on his back feet in the air, or tipped over a little and we drift off for the evening. Cats are cool like that.

Amethyst Anne said...

YEAH!! He's adorable, and Fluffy. Kitties give the best love I swear.
Yeah for you and your wonderful new addition!
This was an awesome post!!

The Real Me said...
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The Real Me said...


He is Capital A- Adorable... I love me some fur snuggles!

brite said...

Oh oh oh smokey black softness...what a handsome guy! And there is nothing better than kitteh kuddles in bed.Nothing.