Thursday, September 2, 2010

School Daze and DNA and Hurricanes ... Oh My

My baby started school today.

I'm okay with it, she's totally ready. She's so mature. 

... still. 

She's my baby. 

My youngest offspring. 

My last child. 

I mentioned to hubs as we walked across the lawn from the bus stop, that it was a really good thing we did the whole "big V" BEFORE today ... as I am suddenly longing for itty bitty baby things to be a part of my life again. 

He put his arm around me and smiled a knowing smile.

I hadn't cried ... until then. Sigh.

It's all good.


Yesterday afternoon, my two little doglinks used half of my brand new cotton swabs to do DNA testing on each other. 

Their goal was to prove they were super heroes. 

Oh. My.


So ... Hurricane Earl is heading straight for us. In fact, the eye of the storm is at this stage, projected to pass right over my community.

You see right where that category 1 hurricane passes over NS? Yeah, I live on that water.

Right there in that little inlet off the Bay of Fundy ... yeppers, right there.

We were supposed to go to Cape Breton for this last long weekend of summer. The plan had been to take the trailer for one last trip before we sell it ... and now ...

No trip.

My kids are pissed.

I'm rather interested to see what happens. 

We've been collecting all the crap from the lawn and ensuring everything is well secured.

Making sure there is loads of water stockpiled... and batteries ... and candles ... and of course, some Captain. Can't head into a hurricane without the Captain. :)

Wish me luck ... and send more Captain.

D - out


The Real Me said...

Batten the Hatches!! Lock yourself in with the captain and don't come out until you hear the birds singing!

In all seriousness I wish you a hurricane free weekend and I'll be monitoring the path hoping for your family's safety.

brite said...

Oh geez Dani...I know you'll ride this out, but do be careful and stay away from the big glass windows!
And I'm on the other end of the 'my baby is growing up' spectrum. The Max is job hunting, apprentice hunting and having a bit of a tough time being an auslander and lacking the full grade 12...sigh.

Amethyst Anne said...

I heard this on the news this morning and totally freaked out, well in a OMG, OMG that's where Dani and her Family live kind of way. I will be sending you non hurricane thoughts, prepping the shipment of Captain and watching and waiting to hear from you sistah friend!
Cub started school yesterday - Grade two. I made it back to the car before I started to cry. *sigh*
Ok and the DNA testing!! Those are some wickedly creative and smart girls you have.
Cuddle up and keep safe!

Danica-Dragonfly said...

TRM - Thanks ... I fear it is no longer a question of if it's gonna hit us ... just how hard. No cuddling, though ... it's farkin HAWT here. 42 degrees in the SHADE yesterday evening when I got home. YUCK!

Brite - we thankfully do not have any plate glass windows, they are all casement ... so we should be good. My thoughts are with The Max ... job hunting blows - I should know.

AA - ahh sistah fren ... we'll be fine, perhaps slightly wet, but fine. We are pretty well equipped to deal, so worry not - plus we are both storm geeks, hubs and I. Now if this were a WINTER storm, that would be different. I don't like freezing to death. No worries at present as the temp is brutal here.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend...Wow you a really are northbound..Im New York...and I feel that we are far North..but Wow and right in the be careful..are they requiring you to leave your youve got me worried...?

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Awwwww...I just can't even imagine me sending my baby mae to school. It's crushes my heart.

How are you? Was the storm kind? Oh my.