Friday, September 10, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Day of the Week...

I love Friday.

No, really - I do.

It's kinda like looking at a present before all the pretty wrapping is torn off.                                           

This is a cake!

Yeah ... I really do enjoy the anticipation, don't you?

The last day of the work week ... looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow ... making the impossible lists of things to accomplish in the next two days of freedom. DAMN! I love this day!

Well ... until Saturday afternoon comes. Then I am all OMG! Where is the weekend going? I haven't got anything done! I'm gonna have to do double time tomorrow! It's at that point that your beautifully wrapped pressie is, in fact...

An ugly pair of socks

Or in my case ... six baskets full of dirty, ugly socks ... and face cloths, towels, stained kids clothing and drawers with varying degrees of filth.

Good times.

Yeah - Friday is like a mini Christmas Eve ... every week... which, in turn, makes Sunday like the day you get all the credit card bills. It's a roller coaster ... wheeeeeee!

So, that said ... I wish you each a happy Friday and a painless Sunday with good points in between.


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Mark Price said...

LOL Too funny. I think you may be right on the money with this post! Yeah Sunday may suck but dammit it's FRIDAY!!! Enjoy Danica!

Amethyst Anne said...

TGIF my brain twin!! I hope your list isn't too long and your Sunday lingers and doesn't fly by!

The Real Me said...

Happy Happy Friday To You!

Anonymous said...

Excellent description which is ALWAYS oh, so true. Well done, girl! Happy FRIIIIIDAY!

Xtreme said...

It's like having 2 wives, really. You two are creepy.

brite said...

Late to the table here...but I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

mmmm. I love cake.

Not Friday's, so much.

The kids don't get to get on the bus over the weekend.

Aren't I rotten?

Spot said...

It was always sunday night was the worst. You can't even enjoy it because you know as soon as you go to bed it will be Monday.

Enjoy your Fridays! Anticipation is a wonderful thing!