Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So ... we are sitting around the table, enjoying a lovely meal of my creation; seafood chowder, BBQ steak, little tiny potatoes and green salad.

As per usual, my girls were rotating between fighting with each other, singing ... at the dinner table(which makes me batty), and complaining about what they were being forced to eat.

I happened to mention that I wanted to have a feed of lobster ... 

I haven't had any in a couple of years. This began a conversation about the cooking of zee lobster. Stretch had piped up to note that lobster was a divine treat sent from the gods ... or - "MMMMMMMMM - LAWWWBSSSTERRRRR" at which point, Shorty informed us that she respectfully disagreed ... or - "EEEEEWWWW GROSSSSSSS!!" She went on to say that we would only buy lobster from the grocery store that was already dead ... so that we were not being 'mean to Mother Nature'. I'm not really certain why I felt compelled to correct her ... I mean - why, Bambi ... why you say anything?

Alas, I am a stickler for correctness and  proceeded to explain that no, the lobsters had to be cooked while still alive (I know ... as I am typing it, I'm chastising myself for having said this to a five year old that is teetering on vegetarianism as it is).

Being the sort of child that Shorty is, she doesn't miss a beat. She looks across the table at me and says with a most convincingly emphatic tone: "Yeah, but they only do that to the old granny lobsters that won't die, right?"

This kid cracks me up. My mom couldn't wait to tell the women with whom she works all about that one.


Meeko Fabulous said...

I can't wait to have kids so I can have some kick ass blog fodder too! LoL! :) Ok . . .

Amethyst Anne said...

Mmmmmm lobster!! I'm with Stretch and could bottle her up..Heeee that is priceless!!
Happiest of Canada Day to you and the family. I will toast you from the other coast!

brite said...

Happy Canada Day to you and your family...and the granny lobsters!

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

I tried to leave a comment 12 times.

Ok fine, twice.

I will try again later.
Keeps saying NOT FOUND.