Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Need My Best Bud Back ...

Okay - so I've had lots to say and bin whining slightly more than the usual. Sorry about that.

I'm missing my husband ... in the form of the man I actually married. This has been hard on him too and I need to remind myself that we are in this together. But I miss him. I miss us. I'm pretty sure we'll come out okay on the other side, but for the first time in well over 10 years, I didn't want him to come to bed with me last night. I find that unsettling.

In an effort to remind myself of better days, I thought I would share with you, my Bleeps - our wedding song. Does a soul good sometimes to force certain memories back into the forefront. This shit is minor and we're okay ... right?

I promise my next post will be lighter-hearted than this stuff.

PS - it's Eyvi's birfday tomorrow ... don't forget to razz her ... freakin' young thang she is.


Spot said...

Yes. This shit is minor and you are okay. This too shall pass. As a twenty year veteran, I can say there have been a few nights that I refused to sleep in the same bed. Sometimes you're just too pissed. And it's a rocky road but you are on the right track. Remember the good times and that first "ohmygod if he doesn't kiss me soon I may throw up" feeling.

Maybe you need to ask mom to watch the girls and go out just the two of you? Or maybe the girls could go somewhere and you could stay in? We got away overnight this last weekend and I'm still basking in the glow. Mostly.


Eyvi Sprite said...

You guys will make it through, don't worry! Forget the mess and the money, take time for just you two. Just like Spot said.

And please, no razzing. Send all the birthday cake you can find, but no razzing!

brite said...

What a great wedding song!! The Big G and I don't have one yet...but I think it's going to be 'Brazil'...cuz we're both a little nutz.
And hang in there...that you're missing him is a good sign..you'll work it out.

Meeko Fabulous said...

It'll be ok. He'll come to his senses and eventually apologize. ;)

Amethyst Anne said...

I'm with Spot, Evyi and Brite on this one. Hang tough, this will pass and you two will be stronger for it in the long haul! A cuddled up evening sans kidlets (even if its after they go to bed) is in order.