Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Sorry ... Sooo Sorry ...

Please accept .... MAH ah-pologeeee.

I was asked ... ever so nicely, by one of my faviest bloggy bleeps to remove my word verification ... and like the pliable little doobie I like to present myself as ... I obliged.

Then ... it happened. 12 ... that is TWELVE spam messages attacked one of my posts. ATTACKED! I SAID!!

So, it's back on ... the fight against spam... and the word verification. I hope this does not deter any bloggy comments, but if it does - it is what I must do to protect my otherwise unguarded borders.

I guess with me, the spam-itos of the interwebs find my particular brand of blogginess to be sweet smelling and tasty. Not unlike the blood sucking critters that over run my yard every summer ... oh  ... wait ... mosquitoes are attracted to smelly stuff ... HEY!! Are they saying my stuff STINKS? *Throws down keyboard and stomps away*


Xtreme said...

Keep it on. It's there for a reason. People will get over it. Takes an extra, what, 2 seconds to comment, right?

And my word of the day is 'forkir'. As in, "it's just a game, forkir!"

I kill me.

Danica-Dragonfly said...

You keel me, too - X.

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Oh my heck!!!

I can't believe that nonsense.

It was a HUGE topic at the blog conference and one of the biggest suggestions.

I'm so sorry you are so sweet smellin' to those nasties!
My verification word today is adisio. No way!

Nothing can deter us :)

Amethyst Anne said...

Oh! Oh! My word verification is Coust!
As in, Coust you please leave it on?

( On a side note, I tried to post this earlier and my computer ate it)
Now my verification is pidoer..Yup betcha didn't know that was the official word for someone who does pies!
I'm not going anywhere!

Spot said...

I'm sorry you got spam slammed! Thankfully (knocks on wood) I haven't had that problem. Your posts must taste better!!

I don't really mind the word verification thingy and sometimes the words crack me up!


brite said...

Today mine is "poplicen" that some new kind of snack food?
I don't get spam on my blog *sniff sniff*. Now I feel all unpopular and ugly.

BlackLOG said...

I get the odd bit of spam but just count it as a comment that I don't have to reply to. Kathrny did give a promice that she would go and sort out any spam that we recived. You should forward it to her..... still it's your site so your rules. I think Kathryn visist about 1000 blogs a day so I guess those extra seconds start to add up....

Laffylady said...

Wow, I cant believe you got 12...keep it on girl..I hardly ever get them i dont know why..?
..hey my word down below is yaughter..laughter with a "y"..kool