Friday, April 9, 2010

The Great Degu Escape of 2010

So last night, my hubs was attempting to be a good li'l doobie and was cleaning out the degu cage. You remember my degus, yes? The little divas that they are ...

They are of the rodent persuasion.

Yeah ... he had taken the top 'cage part' off the base and sat it down on the kitchen floor. This enabled him to clean the bottom without letting the little darlings out. All was working out well ... see normally, the 'ladies' get some time to run around free in what is now referred to as "the degu room" - it is one of the unused bedrooms upstairs. That was until one of them got hurt and since then, they have not been out. A situation, it would seem, with which they have taken umbrage.

All was going as planned and the cage bottom was upside down in the kitchen sink - air drying ... when bedtime reared its ugly head. The girls needed to be put to bed and, in a hurry to do so, hubs neglected to put the bottom back on the cage. Something I'm certain he thought would be fine - as it was sitting firmly on the floor ... and it is a really big and heavy cage.

While upstairs fighting with my children to (please, FOR THE LOVE OF BOB!!!) go to sleep, I heard my dog downstairs, bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean. I took notice (mainly because it was impeding my ability to knock my kids out, thus pissing me severely off) but figured he was just torturing Mom's cat. Roughly ten minutes later, I went down to have a look at what was going on. Cooper was nowhere to be found and (O-M- FARKITY-G!!!) the cage was empty! It seems my little Houdini's had pried the corners apart and escaped. DRAT! 
I may have mentioned before that the house we are living in currently is big? Well ... when looking for three very fast, very small and very shack happy rodents, the size of that place is a few miles past daunting. You know, I think I came up with a few new swear words last night. The little booger-naughts were AWOL! GONZO! FLEW DA COOP! GONE GONE GONE-BIN GONE SO LONG... argh.

THREE HOURS! An hour per critter! That is how long it took us to trap the little shits. We got two of them trapped in the living room by closing it off, but catching them wasn't exactly easy - even once narrowed to one room, they are like greased lightning. Holy frickin' crap, people! I was stressed. I wound up collapsing into bed around 1:00 am with visions of degus dancing in my head.

Note to self ... Never ... nevernevernevernever lose the degus in the house again - K? HUBS?!!


brite said... cute are degus??I had to wiki degus after I read this because I'd never heard of them, but they are adorable!Doesn't your Mom's cat want to eat them though?
Oh...and the 'going to sleep nonsense'?I spent YEARS (and years and years) trying different methods to get my child to sleep at a reasonable hour for a reasonable length of time. When The Max was 2 or 3 he would get up at 2am and PLAY!!Max is still a night owl but (thank whoever) I'm no longer responsible for his sleep or lack thereof.

Spot said...

Okay, so I know I should be commiserating instead of giggling madly, but the thought of you chasing them around is cracking me up. I would think the cat would definitely be on top of catching those. Then again, we had one houdini hamster who managed to get out of his cage frequently and the cats never got him. He always hid in the dryer vent though so it wasn't much of a challenge to find him.

Thanks for the giggles!

Danica-Dragonfly said...

Just so ya'll don't think I left the li'l darlings to fend for their own selves ... the first thing I did upon realizing they had escaped was to find Mom's cat and bar her in an upstairs room... then we out the dog outside.

I was beside myself ... I was so scared we'd only find them once they had expired.

The third one we found was the one that had gotten hurt on the previous excursion ... she was hiding under the washer as she now has a nasty limp.

Friggen animals ...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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