Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I know I have been a slacker on the fun MeMe's lately. I thought perhaps I might try to rectify this little problem and join in today with Chiefy and her highly fun theme.

Without further ado:

On Monday night, my hubs came home from work at his usual 10:30(ish) pm. I had recently awoken in my daughter's bed and come downstairs to watch one of my most fav shows (The Big Bang Theory ... don't judge me - it is funny!) ... I had fallen into a sound stupor while trying to get my brats beautiful darlings to go to sleep and I was barely coherent.

My hubs had come in and then disappeared for a little while ... I thought it odd, but didn't dwell as my show was starting. When he finally came into the living room  with his plate of dinner, (yes, I save him a plate from our dinner to eat when he gets home) he asked me how I was feeling. I found that odd. I said: "Why?" in a highly suspicious tone. He didn't say anything else until the next commercial break.

Hubs: "So ... I got laid off tonight..."

Me: *crickets chirping*

WIMTS: W T (mutha beep effin beep geezily greased) F?!! DID YOU, or DID YOU NOT JUST get a promotion to supervisor with a raise and all ... less than ONE #@*&;$%!!*&$#@;%$#  beepin' pay period ago?

Hubs: "Well ... actually, I got laid off as soon as I walked in this evening"

Me: *mouth agape - look of complete bewilderment and shock ... crickets chirping*

WIMTS: sonofabeotch beep ... $&;%$@%^$&#@&;*(&;*(^%&;)**&;&a@$;^# bleepidy-beep-bleepin-bleeperbleepidybleep and where in the holy hell have you been all night?

Hubs: "Are you going to say anything?"

Me: "I ... uh ... I ... what? ... Why?"

WIMTS: %%$&;#*&;%;*(sonofa@#!!(&*^&a@%;*%effin'stupid company %^&^%@#$;$%^#$&@#$;;^&; head from their asshole %^%^#$&@#$;;*&)*&^;^$$#&)&^%$#;; ....  Bleeeeepppp....

Hubs: "Well ... they want to contract the work out. I can be contracted to do what I am doing now ... (I will point out that by this point THIS is what is happening inside my head) :

Me: "Uh ... okay ... what does that mean?"

WIMTS: We are scarcely feeding our children and our pets as it farking bleeping is - what in the holy farking hell Bleeeeping bleep do you want me to say to you?!!! 'Oh, that's SUPER-dee-duper, hun ... I was really hoping we'd get to utilize the food bank before all this nightmare was over'?!

Sigh ... I guess only time will tell...

Hope I did not offend...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear what you are going through! I hope things get better for you. Men are funny creatures aren't they? You love 'em but sometimes you just want to shake the beejesus out of 'em!

brite said...

Oh Dani sweetie...that's just shitty.Let me know if I can help, k?

Robin said...

I was really hoping that you were going to say it was a joke by the end of this... WTF...I dont know what to say...??..I guess what you said is perfect....

Cindy said...

What, really? I mean...really?

A promotion, a raise, and then a pink slip?

So, where WAS he? Sitting dumbfounded on the curb, wondering how to tell you the news?

Amethyst Anne said...

*mouth open*............
OH. D.

KimJohnson said...

Getting laid off is the SHITS! We were in his same position last year. Luckily things are better now. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you

Spot said...

I'm pretty sure I'd have said out loud all the things you kept inside! So bravo on your self restraint! Where the heck was he?!

I'm so sorry Dani, this has really been a rough year for you. Fingers crossed that it gets better.


Brittney said...

Sorry about the job.. we're going thru the same thing over here!! Its awful.. Hope the hubs finds employment soon :)

Eyvi Sprite said...

What is it with this place and the over abundance of Mickey Mouse operations?

I love that he asked how you were feeling first as if to gauge whether you were likely to rip off his head or just start screaming. You probably surprised the shit out of him by doing neither.

Keep you head up, my friend. Things will get better (they have to, there isn't any other option).

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

GIRL FRIEND...first of are my long lost sister because the Big Bang Theory is my FAVORITE show (and this coming from a non-tv watcher)

Second of all------just breathe.

Like you needed this right now.

Breathe some more.

It's good that he can get contracted out to keep the position? Is that someone hopeful? It sounded like it.

I am really super sorry the universe is just shakin' all around like puppets on a stick.

Things go only go up from here.

HUGS HUGS and more HUGS to you.

The Management said...

I got your ass, Dani. Just let me know who I have to cut. Not like cut in a "I have a knife and I will damage you" kind of way. More of a "I will fillet a motherfucker into 1,261 pieces with naught but this fucking toothpick and my righteous and tasty rage!" way.

Now where did I put my Skillet of Mapley Mashery?

Chief said...

I am thinking about you! what a shitty hand you are being dealt!

I know Im late <-----total loser

Thanks for playing I will do better next week