Thursday, May 30, 2013

How Many Obsessive Compulsives Does it Take to Clear a Closet (or 4)?

I have won a job!

It is taking place tomorrow ... likely for most of the day, although I gave her a deal of only 3 hours. 

This lady is just lovely. She is (I would guess) in her early seventies, has a teeny little geriatric yorkie and is OCD to the enth degree. Her place is immaculate. Seriously. You could eat off the floor in that place, I'm sure. 

So ... why would she hire the likes of me? She's a closet hoarder ... literally. She stockpiles ... like a squirrel. There are four closets in her home and they are so full ... though admittedly, there is an organization to the chaos. She's reaching out for help (which according to what I have been reading on the disorder, is a very positive sign). I met with her the other day and she essentially told me that I don't have a chance of actually accomplishing anything with her. That she will not let me throw anything out. She will not let me downsize her clothing that doesn't fit. That all I will accomplish is to rearrange what is currently there.

Sounded like a dare to me ... and I grabbed it.

I mean, what better test to my skills than this, right? I figure what I will learn from this job is priceless ... I even told her if she is not happy when I am done, I will not charge her. Perhaps not the best business move, I suppose ... but I am counting on the goodwill I will create there. I am also planning on showing up packing some supplies that I would normally want to charge extra for. Not anything crazy, but some stuff you can pick up relatively inexpensively. Vacuum bags, hooks, an additional closet bar. Stuff like that.

I have been reading up on the psychology behind the hoarding disorder. This is going to be a serious challenge, but if I can make even a small positive step with this client, I can not only confidently quote my next hoarder, but I can feel secure in my own ability in organizing. Really, THAT all by itself is enough payment for doing the job ... not that the $90 would come amiss.

I have decided that if she is still unwilling to part with things, I will employ a different tactic. One that will take time to show her, but hopefully will bring me back to her by the end of the year to revisit her situation. A long shot, for sure ... but apparently, I have become a betting girl on this matter. I believe I can help. I truly do., if I could just stop obsessing about it, we'd be all set.

Yeah ... right.

I'll let you know how it ends up.

Stay tuned.

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