Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stretch Update and a Little TMI

When last we chatted (and by chatted, I mean I spewed and you dutifully listened) we were in crisis once again, regarding Stretch and her social skills.

As an update to that story, I thought I would let ya'll know what I did and what the result was at the end of the day.

I emailed the principal of the school and relayed the scene that had occurred the night before for her. I emphasized the fact that we have asked for feed back several times throughout the past three years where Stretch was concerned. I also made a point of mentioning the fact that the birthday party invites were scarce for her, as well. I was very diplomatic, but also passionate about the situation.

It was late in the day when I sent the email and honestly, I wasn't sure she'd even read it prior to Monday - but within the hour, the principal of the school called me at work. She was horrified to hear that "hate" had been used at a school function and that she wished Hubs had come and found her ... that she would have "turned that scene upside down", had she witnessed anything even remotely that mean. She apologized many times, but insisted that Stretch had been doing very well, socially speaking, this past year. 

We actually talked for some time, and during the discussion I realized (with little doubt) that she does, in fact, know my child - very well. The nuances of Stretch's personality (and she made a point to highlight the really positive stuff - like how artistic, articulate and intelligent she is) that she referred to put me right at ease, and I knew for sure that I wasn't being placated. We left our conversation with the understanding that she would speak with Stretch's teacher on Monday, and I would speak with Stretch over the weekend and we'd compare notes Monday afternoon.

Monday afternoon came, and as promised, so did the call. It was at this point that she confirmed that there are definitely two girls that Stretch tends to chum with - and that she was making every effort to place all three in the same class next year. There was some discussion about Stretch's inability to calm herself down when she gets emotional, and the suggestion was made that we possibly seek some help from our doctor ... perhaps get her someone to talk to ... you know, to learn how to self monitor/calm. So, I have made an appointment to discuss it with our doc ... although MY doc is taking the damned summer off - so this will be a new person to me (not really thrilled about that).

When I had spoken to Stretch over the weekend, she was pretty much oblivious to the slight where the whole mob scene was concerned. I asked her about the boy who was saying he hated her and she told me they were "arch enemies" and that she would be "dishing out some pay back" to him. Go Stretch! So ... I guess her ego is intact. Not that she honestly seems to have any issues with her ego ... which is why I often assume her tales of not having friends are a tool with which to "work" her parents. But then to witness something like that scene at the fair ... *shudders*.

From here, we move on to Summer Camp. At least one of the two girls she chums with will be going to the same camp - so that's a good thing. Hopefully with another Summer under her belt, grade 3/4 (because it is a split class next year) will be a little easier on her.

In other news ... it was a superb weekend at my house. My meds have kicked into full gear and my inner calm has returned. This keeps me in a much better head space both at home and at work. I was actually a fun mom this weekend - taking them shopping with me, allowing them to actually help cook the Father's Day brekkie. It was good.

Hubs had a good weekend, too and was even heard to exclaim: GAWD, Dani ... you are like going to bed with a 'strange woman' lately ... well D'UH! I have ALWAYS been a bit strange - you just catching on now? Though, that wasn't what he meant. 

So ... uh ... er ... thanks? (I think) Not really sure how a wife of 9 years should react to a comment like that ... but I am choosing to take it as a big ol' compliment.

... and that wraps the TMI portion of our programming. Hope your week is clipping along at a good speed and everyone is happy.

D - out!


brite said...

Way to go Dani! I'm relieved that your chat with the principal was so rewarding; having gone through similar crap with The Max for years, I found that most teaching professionals DO take their jobs and their students seriously and make the effort to know each of them, especially at the elementary level.Also, Yaaaaaaaay for split classes...Stretch is going to LOVE being in a 3/4 split, another thing I learned from The Max's scholastic career.
And extra big huzzahs for having a great weekend with your family!!

Melinda said...

I had suspected you were strange.

Amethyst Anne said...

*mutters something something about holes*
*closes door*
I am so glad that all went well with the principal! There is something reassuring with a school that does actually take the time ( and cares) about the children they teach!

Spot said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! Yay! And that the principal actually does give some thought and consideration to her students.

Sean also loved being in a split class. It was grade 1/2 though.

Hope all continues to go well!


Jerry said...

It makes such a positive difference to know that people at the school are indeed paying attention and working to solve problems.

On a side note, I spent two wonderful years in Newfoundland while in the Navy. Argentia. I've ached to return ever since.

Mark Price said...

Hey Danica! Sounds like little Stretch is gonna be doling out a much needed ass kicking to some little punk-ass that may very well end up spending Christmas' at your house some day! Yeah when we are little us boys do some crazy shit to woo the women we fancy. As for your mention of Hubs wantin to get all up in your biznass well thats cool but yeah TMI...LOL I miss your posts!