Thursday, June 16, 2011

...and the Universe Speaks

So I had a little rant yesterday.

Actually, truth be told ... the rant I had was quite extensive and its composition started on Monday, but not everyone was subjected to the full measure.

I got home last night to an empty house. Highly unusual. Hubs had taken Stretch and Shorty to town to do some shipping for his business, and were apparently running late. Mom was staying in the city with 'the man' for the night. I immediately began the process of preparing the evening meal.

A short time later, Hubs and the girls pulled in the drive and within moments, the girls burst through the door exclaiming they had brought home dinner. A lovely surprise! (Although I had started cooking already, it was easily refrigerated and saved for tonight's dinner) Yay!

Then, as we sat and consumed our BBQ chicken and tators, a knock came at the door. It was our tenant... giving his notice to vacate.

Can I get a WHOOT WHOOT!!

Soooo, Mr Mini Wheat, what that means is come the end of July, I'll have my house back. I could weep, I am so happy! This thing with my mom needs a change. I love my mom ... don't get me wrong - she was a fabulous mother and I owe her plenty ... but this relationship is bending under the strain. Better to make this change while we are still okay (at least on the surface ... because she is completely oblivious to the way I am feeling right now).

She is dragging her heels about the move ... and who could blame her, really? She's got a pretty sweet deal. I cook every meal, do the grocery shopping, cleaning and so on. Who wouldn't want to stay - right? I'm also going to be packing up my sister's crap and turning her room into a simple guest room. She can sleep there if absolutely necessary, but her crap is not going to be living there anymore. Then, Shorty will get moved out of Stretch's room and she'll be getting her own big room all to herself. 

I've already started shopping for paint! Shorty's gonna get a sky painted on her ceiling. We're stoked!

It's good, too ... because now we'll have two spare bedrooms and the girls each in their own rooms. Not that we get a lot of company ... but in the event any of my bleeps decide to come East ... you know ... I'll have somewhere for them - and extra food and alcohol *sheepish grin*. (So - did I dangle that carrot properly?)

Now, all I need to do is actually get the job I am applying for today ... and we could be all set! It's a government job, so it's rather unlikely ... but I'm applying none the less. I'm so nervous applying anywhere because Narci knows nearly everybody (and now with the addition of Minion - he seems to know everybody else) - and any time I have actively started seeking alternate employment in the past, he seems to find out about it ... and then makes my life even more hellish than before.

I can't see how I can possibly keep at this as it is, though. I am miserable. So ... here goes nuthin'. Wish me luck.

On a different topic, I am sincerely disappointed with the fans in Vancouver last night. I mean, I would have liked to see the Canucks take the cup as much as the next guy ... but that sort of behavior is unacceptable! Shame on you!!


Jan said...

Hooray! I love to hear good news. Once that ball starts rolling it's difficult to stop so maybe this government job will work out. I'll keep my fingers crossed and do some really positive thinking for you. Keep us posted!

Melinda said...

Congrats! I had an employer once that seemed to know every single freakin' time I applied for a job. I told them I would always keep my eyes on the job market, as a professional it only makes good sense and it confirms that I have a great thing here. She bought it, and I left within a few months.

Amethyst Anne said...

*does a little dance*
*shakes a bit too much booty*
YEAH for good news!! I am sure that this is just the beginning of the good stuff!

Cindy said...

Yay! Oh, you were so due for good news.
Fingers crossed on the new job.

Xtreme said...

I don't actually like carrots, but this one I'd take. Not sure when, but I am sure that some day we'll be out that way.

Oh, and yes, Vancouver fans suck. Worse than Montreal fans. The end.