Monday, November 12, 2012

I Got New Kitties

Kijiji cats, as my close girlfriend calls my fur babies. For those of you who are unaware, Kijiji is a buy and sell site ... like Craigslist.

My kitties are boyz. Bad. Kitty. Boyz.


My kitties open cupboard doors and jump from shelf to shelf in search of the bag of kitty treats. Once the shelf is located, one bumps the bag onto the floor - while the other waits below to whisk it away to the nearest un-peopled closet ... where they meet up and obliterate the bag. I kid you not. I am CONSTANTLY finding shredded (empty) treat bags all over my house. 

Diesel & Woody

Baaad kitties.

Deez ... yes, he knocked it down first

They are my favorite kind.

For anybody keeping count, I am up to four cats, a fish and a dog. Well ... I was. See, back when my mother moved from my house back into her in-law suite, her cat decided she'd really rather stay here. Suited her fancy better. Mom tried repeatedly to convince Tomato to come back ... to no avail. She had chosen our house, our food, our litter box and Hubs was her new person.

Fast forward to the entry of the new kitties, Diesel and Moe. We had introduced Tomato to Woody two years ago. That was rocky at the beginning, but they worked it out - even became buddies after a time. It was a nice balance. Then, kitty-momma got all stupid in the head and thought it would be fun to add two more mouths to feed to the mix. Tomato is done with me.

Seriously, the cat has moved out. We are dead to her. She will come and sit at my door, meowing her head off ... and when we go to let her in, she turns her tail and waltzes over to Mom's door. SO WE CAN LET HER IN THERE!!! Can you believe this cat?


This is her majesty... and essentially how she feels about the hooligan cats that have invaded her old home. {This was actually the extent of damage we suffered from "Super-storm Sandy" (thank heaven). She blew our witch down.}

My boyfriend, Deez. 

Now that you are familiar with the new members of the family, let the funny bad-boy-kitty stories commence.



brite said...

A house full of kittehs...lucky you! Personally I think Tomato has you well trained :)

Melinda said...

Welcome back!!!!! I've missed you!

Jan said...

Hey there! Somehow I missed your July post but it's great to see you back online. I can't wait to see the pics of the dollhouse. My dad made one for me when I was about her age and I loved it. Still have it, actually!

Next summer when we come home it will be for a month so I should be able to come for a visit. It's been a long time and I'd love to see you! Take care and I'm looking forward to lots of stories about your cats.

Eyvi Sprite said...

Oh, How I have missed your writing!

Also, Do you and the hubs no you are dangerously close to becoming the crazy cat couple? Possibly the first in history? they are gorgeous though and no doubt irresistible.

Please write more. And add pics. And write.

Eyvi Sprite said...

Oh god! KNOW, do you KNOW. I"m going to get off your blog now, I'm clearly not worthy.