Friday, March 1, 2013

I Love My Life ... If Only I Could Afford It...

I do, you know. I really do. 

My life is pretty Cadillac.

 I have this amazing man - who totally "gets" me. I have this huge house, that I really do love and these crazy assed kids that say and do the damnedest things. I look around and realize if I could just afford the lifestyle that I have - things would be sweet ... for a minute, at the very least.

So ... this means I must find a way to make my business idea produce fruit. Right? It's not a bad idea. I just need to market it properly. As it happens, I have a mandatory class tomorrow for "core business training" that is all about marketing. 

I hate marketing.

Every position I have held since the bank has tried - with all its might - to squeeze marketing genius out of me. It isn't really there. I have had some decent ideas, but this really isn't my forte. 

I built my website, designed my business cards and have been smashing my head against my brochures all this past week. I feel like I have been ridden hard and put away wet. Hubs keeps saying that he doesn't understand why I hate it so much - because I am so good at it ... but that is only because he is really very bad at it. He's not a design-y type. He is REALLY good at technical stuff. Not that he can teach me a damned thing ... I am too tightly wound. He can't teach me ... and much of the time doesn't try. Yet another reason why I love him so ... he never imposes his way on my. Not ever.

How lucky am I?

Hopefully, I will come home bursting with better ideas for my marketing plan tomorrow. I need to make this work somehow. Do you think a strong enough desire will make it happen? I have my first job next week. I'm rather excited about that. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

Wish me luck! Or better yet, cash ... yeah - wish me cash :)

Hugs all ...


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Jan said...

Wishing you lots and lots of cash! And luck. Your website looks great and congrats on your first job. Fingers crossed for you that it turns into more and more.