Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello, Mah Frens ... Hello

Okay … okay – I know it has been a month. I’m sorry.Melinda - I really didn't mean to mess with your chi. I can only imagine the kind of karmic katastrophe I'll be facing for that one.

It isn’t that I don’t miss you all, nor is it that I don’t still pop in a read here and there … I haven’t been writing because I am depressing. Same ol’ same ol’ – you know? *Yawn*

Narci is still Narcissistic. Minion is still … Minionistic? Miniony? Minionesc? I’d like to photo-shop a pic of him wrapped up in bacon and title it “Filet Minion” *snort*... although really it would be a better representation of pig - wrapped in pig.  

 I have concluded that I am burnt out where my employment is concerned. Not sure if that may be partially due to the time of year … I do tend to start slipping around the Autumn … not that there aren’t myriad reasons why I might be burnt out here – at the phallic palace, Narci-henge … but my ability to flip ‘these feelings of stabbiness**’ off, has diminished substantially. I find when the alarm blares out its morning reverie, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of abstract dread … mixed with an overpowering sense of ‘couldn’t possibly care less if there was a reward for it’. It’s an odd amalgam of emotion – quite at odds with one another.

Mom is still causing me stress, but I am hopeful that this will dissipate over time. I’m just not in a place where I can have that “talk” with her right now. She is in her place and though there seems to be a fairly sturdy wall built between us just now, we are cordial. I am hopeful she will start contributing in the monetary sense again soon … we have gone a couple of months now with no money. 

My weight loss journey seems to be somewhat stalled at present. I am down 106 lbs. Don’t get me wrong – I am so very – VERY pleased about this. I feel like a new person and even if I don’t lose another pound, this was still a raging success … it’s just that I want to get a little further away from where I was. Even just another 13 lbs would seat me firmly in “onederland” as they call it in the fatty-verse. I haven’t gained any weight … though there are days that I will fluctuate up and down between 1 and 3 lbs – but mostly I stay right where I am. So that’s good. I CAN NOT gain this weight back. I just can’t. I live in mortal fear of such an atrocity. *shudders* It is so effing hard to lose – even with the massive assistance of cutting out most of my stomach – I still wouldn’t consider this an easy task. Easier, maybe … well perhaps more to the point – doable … but not easy. Not by a long stretch. I am 9 months and two weeks out from my surgery and I certainly do not regret doing it – just wish I could get a little more gone. Now that Summer is coming to a close, I will lay off the weekend boozing a little (HA!) and maybe that’ll help.

Speaking of Summer – can you believe that school is about to start up again? MAN! This Summer went by in a friggen flash! I can’t get over it. I know some kids are back in today … mine don’t start until next Thursday, but holy crap! 

We are taking the girls camping this long weekend. We haven’t been camping all bloody season! That’s pathetic! Mind you, the weather has sucked! And blown … and sopped. It has been a crappy one, that’s for sure. The plan is to hit “The Ovens” and do a little spelunking. I figure my science-minded offspring will think that’s pretty cool. There’s also a beach, a pool and a petting zoo … so I am hopeful the girls will enjoy their stay. We haven’t done quite so much ‘fun stuff’ with them this year as I would have liked. There’s just been so much to do around the ol’ homestead … still more to complete before Winter arrives.

Anyhoo … I must remember to snap a few pics of my kitchen reno to share with you. It’s been a long friggen haul with this kitchen of mine, but it’s almost complete.

I hope all mah bleeps have been enjoying the gentle season.


**Thank you to "The Management" (aka Doran) for coining this word. It makes me smile every time I use it.


brite said...

Good to see you girl! I, too, have been very remiss in blogging, something I'll have to fix here pretty quick before I start French classes again.
Hope you and the family have a great weekend!

Amethyst Anne said...

Google ate my comment.. :(
It knows that I have been away for far too long and it is punishing me.
Long and short was, that looks like a fabulous weekend get away for you and the family!! Your girls are gonna love it!

Melinda said...

Thanks Dani, my Chi feels much better.
And a big thank ya, for poking around my blog, I realized when I posted that you may have been wondering who the hell I was. I admit I do more reading then posting comments on peoples blogs so there is probably some creepy familiarity on my part. Sorry 'bout that.