Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 7 Dwarfs of Abdominal Surgery Recovery

For those of you who do not know already, I had abdominal surgery last Tuesday. It was laproscopic, which means it is much less invasive than a fully open procedure.

This would fall under the category of good news, in light of how miserable I have been since having this heinous procedure carried out on my body.

I have discovered the 7 dwarfs of this recovery:

& Bored

I figure I must be on the mend given my level of boredom today. I am lounging around in my fluffy jammies ... looking at all of the things I could be doing with this time I have off to recoup ... except that I am not even allowed to strip my own frackin' bed. This makes me owly ... oh, okay ... BITCHY ... and HATEFUL ... because I am resenting the fact that my share of the work is simply not getting done. I know it is a heavier load than anyone really wants to admit, but my part of this equation is somewhat sizable. It's not really fair for me to feel this way ... I know that ... but I do.

I tried to wake up with a renewed attitude this morning ... it isn't exactly working out for me just yet. I need a project. Even sitting here to type this is making me dizzy and nauseated ... but I'm not so stoned I don't know my own name anymore - so I guess that's real progress.

Patience  ... my old nemesis. I guess that is what I must employ.

So - hope you all are enjoying your weekends. I'm going to go supervise the stripping of my bed.


PS ... Shorty just announced here moments ago that she misses the usual old get-mad-mom and wants her back. Suhweet ... kick mommy while she's down, puddin' - good for you.


Mark Price said...

You are sounding better already! Keep writing when you can! Feel better soon!

brite said...

Snuggle up with that lovely cat, have the kids read you a story and try to savour this 'down time'. Glad to hear all went well...mend quick my lil libellule.

JJ said...

So happy to hear that your procedure went well - too bad about those dwarfs. But you will squash them soon enough! In the great scheme of things this is only a little blip - try to make the best of it. Look at it this way, at least you don't have to look at Narci every day!

Amethyst Anne said...

aaaahhh... consider yourself on the road to recovery! I would have been more worried had you NOT gone to supervise your sheet stripping.

Spot said...

Oh girl! I so feel for you. That is exactly how I feel with forced down time. I'm hoping that I can postpone my surgery til after Christmas because I'm pretty sure I'll go bonkers thinking of what needs to be done if I have it before.

Bitch means your feeling better. Embrace it!


BlackLOG said...

I go away for a break and come back to find you in recovery....Hope you feel better soon

The Real Me said...

Up, Mobile and Bitchy is better than down and out! Clearly a sign of good times ahead! Speedy recovery to you!!

The Grasshoppa:Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

Have missed you terrible and hope you are doing well. My semester ends at midnight tonight. Hope to catch up with all my blog friends. From the looks of things, you have had quite a time of it. Hugs.