Saturday, July 11, 2009

For the most part ...

My husband and I get along pretty well most of the time. Really I think the only reason for this is that he was married to Medusa before me ... and really, my worst doesn't even touch a good day with her - according to him, anyway. There's not much I can do to really piss him off ... and when I am three headed and looking for a row ... well usually it just rolls off his back like water over duck's down. I guess that makes me pretty lucky - 'cause I think many would attest to the fact that I am not the 'easiest chick to spend huge amounts of time with'. Not that I am without redeeming qualities ... I have a few. To hear my husband tell it - I am near perfect. We had a conversation last weekend that went something like this: (Me)I dunno why you put up with me, hun - I have been so bitchy and sooky for the past few weeks ... I'm even tired of me. (He) Oh, please - you are the perfect partner ... you are smart, funny, beautiful and you have a good job and take good care of your family. You are a wonderful lover, a great cook and, for the most part - a great mother. Now, if you are someone who knows women fairly well - you'll know which part of that passage I grabbed onto. Okay, let me get this straight ... there is something about me that is imperfect in your eyes??? What in the hell is that supposed to mean??? I am sometimes something other than a "great mother"???

I have to tell ya - this has been torturing my mind all week. Who the hell is he to disparage my parenting capabilities? He the reason I am left being the heavy all the time ... if it wasn't for his lack of ability, I might get to be 'good cop' now and again ... for the most part. Who the hell does he think he is? Geez.

Do you see why men and women have such a hard time getting along? In his mind, he polished my apple when I was feeling down ... little does he know I have had this seething under the surface for an entire week. Bubbling on low until it has made a thick, sticky paste of pissed off ... just waiting for an opportunity to get thrown in his face. I find it musing when I can actually get enough clarity to see this BEFORE it becomes an issue. It's pathetic, really. But funny, since he hasn't experienced my "wrath". He's on his way home from work in a few minutes and we'll have our first of two nights (per week) together. It's been a pretty good day - much needed after such a crappy week.

Guess I should go start our dinner.

'til next time - D

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