Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Photo Sneak Peek

Hey folks ... thought I'd post the half dozen "sneak peek" pics that the photographer posted on FB today. I should have my entire package in another week or so.

I'm pleased. She does really good work. Here goes ...

Stretch the Magnificent

Shorty the Manipulator

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time to "Mom-Up"

Well ... nobody ever told me being a mother was going to be easy. In fact, most everyone I knew was adamant regarding the rigors of parenthood. I scoffed (quietly, of course). I figured bigger idiots than me have been raising kids for centuries ... I could handle it.


Yeah ... you heard me ... I said "P'UH!". I may or may not have been overheard saying things like "ACK!" ... "GULP!" ... "UGH!" ... and worst of all ... "Do you want me to give you something to cry about?!".

Nope, nobody said it would be easy ... but did I listen? Nope. *forehead palm* .... stupid-stupid-stupid-stupid.

We are muddling through Stretch's 'issues' at school. Really, it isn't so terribly bad. The school psychologist meets with her once a week for a few weeks and then we'll have another conference with her the first week of December. In the meantime, we are encouraging Stretch to be involved in various things. She has done incredibly well at Cross Country. Has even learned a thing or two about humility (which won't hurt her any). She continues with Dance - though they are so busy in that she doesn't have time to interact with the other kids. The biggest suggestion was for us to encourage play dates and the like.

So ... I decided I would throw a Halloween party for both girls and two (each) of their friends. To my immediate surprise (and pleasure) Stretch asked for one more ... so I increased the number to three each.

We have planned our little soiree for October 30th from 1 - 4pm. I have big plans for this bad boy. First, I will put the girls (and I insisted the guests be girls) through a quick assembly line. I have invited my sister and my 'sister from another mister' (who are both nut cases and love Halloween) to assist me with the festivities. I have sparkly purple fake eyelashes for each child ... along with face paint (with which, I will paint their eyes to look like butterflies) and I bought each of them a feather boa to wear. So first, they'll be outfitted and make-up'd. Then, after everyone arrives, I have a tee-shirt craft that we'll be doing. I already have T's for each child ... and Tee shirt paint. I have a great little idea for making spiders on webs. It's easy. It's messy. They'll love it! They'll (of course) be able to take their T's home ... and will have a reminder of the party for a long time. (<-- see what I did right there??)

Then, we'll break for some "horror deurves". I have some really cool stuff planned for this, as well.I have black cherry punch with a gummy bug laden ice ring. I have "spider bites" - which are tooth picks with a tiny plastic spider attached that skewer a chunk of apple and a caramel square. I have Spider cookies - which are made with chocolate covered chow mien noodles for legs and a round ball of chocolate rice crispies ... and little candy eyes. I have "Frankensien's Brain" cookies ... which are essentially sugar cookie batter - pushed through a colander and then scooped up to look like little brains. And finally, I have veggies stix cut to look like rotten teeth ... with dip.

After some refreshment, I have got some seriously cool games planned. I have "Pumpkin Bowling" ... which entails using 6 2 litre (empty) pop bottles and taking a small roundish pumpkin and pulling off the stem ... then letting the kids bowl with them. Next, I have "Guess the Monster Parts" ... so this is a blind 'touch' game. There are 11 items inside different boxes (with a small hole cut in the top). The kids put their hands in and guess which part of the monster they are feeling. I have cooked spaghetti for hair, peeled grapes for eyeballs, I actually found gummy brains ... they are truly disgusting, stewed tomatoes for hearts, dehydrated apricot slices for ears ... it goes on and on. I figure I'll give each kid cards with each part on it and that way, they'll at least know what they are looking for. The main idea is to gross them out.

Finally, I have a game of "Mummy Wrap" planned - where they are paired off in groups of two and one has to wrap the other up (in toilet paper) as a mummy ... and then unwrap them - without ripping the paper ... and then they switch. Whichever team finishes first, wins. I was having trouble with the idea of wasting all that TP ... so I decided we'd end the party with a quick little craft of stuffing the TP into white garbage bags and making individual ghosts for everyone to take home.

I went last weekend and bought most of the supplies. I am ready for the crafts, and all the games. Just a couple of baking items yet to get - but I'll do that with the regular grocery order. I also bought more decorations which (you will be so proud of me ...) I allowed the kids to decorate with the way they wanted.

I'm actually pretty excited. My sister from another mister is planning to spend the night on the Saturday so she can help me prepare. My kids worship her - 'cause she's bad ... and loud ... and so much more fun than I am. They are so excited for their friends to meet her - Stretch was actually talking about that this morning. That makes me happy.

It's going to be a lot of work, but it'll be fun work - so I don't mind. In fact, I don't know that I am not every ounce as excited as they are. Possibly even more.

All I can say is this: I will pull out all the stops to make this party loads of messy fun. That way, when I invite the same kids for the Christmas edition - they'll come. Maybe we can forge some relationships that way. 

Not entirely out of the ball park, am I?

Other than party plans, we are having family photos done this Saturday by a really good photog. Her work is amazing... check her out! I am excited. We were supposed to go last Saturday, but it was too wet. Fingers crossed. 

I am still losing weight - though it is slow going. I am down 113 lbs as of yesterday's weigh in. Still inching down - so all's good there.

Lastly, work is the same as always and if I make it through this week without either murdering someone or doing myself in - I'll consider it a success. ACK!

On that note, I'll bugger off.

Enjoy your Wednesday!